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Online PR News – 27-August-2013 – Los Angeles, CA .- August 26, 2013 – Jack Maxwell is not a professional critic... he isn't a sommelier... he’s just a down-to-Earth Boston guy with a taste for liquor and a dream to open up his own bar. Now that he's getting closer to seeing this dream through, he wants to fill up his menu with the world’s best drinks. What are people drinking in South America, Asia, Russia? To find the answers, he’s taking a trip around the world. The thing is... he's never been outside the United States.

Each week we follow Jack to a single country, ranging from the exotically beautiful to
the third world. This show puts us on the ground level -- to local bars, backyards, street festivals, and little-known hideaways that only natives know about. Unlike most show hosts, he's new to these places, making him a more relatable character for the viewer. Neither of us quite know what to expect, not from the culture and certainly not from the drinks.

On his adventure, Jack learns that drinking isn't about getting hammered. It's about
taking a time out from life to bond with people. Whether sipping backyard moonshine at
an authentic luau in Maui or sampling home-brewed beer with Sherpas at the base of Mt.
Everest, Jack’s showing all of us how to become a world class booze traveler.