A Road to Recovery Offers Alcoholics and Addicts a Comprehensive Recovery Solution

If you or someone you know has a drinking or drug problem, contact A Road to Recovery rehab facility to begin living clean and sober.

Online PR News – 27-August-2013 – Port St. Lucie, FL – For decades, alcoholism and drug addiction were considered to be "secret issues" that families would not discuss. If someone had a problem with alcohol or drug abuse, they could privately "go away" to a rehab facility. Today, with so many celebrities publicly entering rehab and alcoholism being diagnosed as a chronic disease, it is no longer shameful to enter rehab. Even so, it may be difficult to find a credible rehab facility with knowledgeable, clinical staff and programs that fully address the root problems of alcoholism and drug addiction.

Fortunately, A Road to Recovery understands the nature of alcoholism and drug addiction. The facility's programs have been built to address the difficult stages of detoxing from drugs and alcohol followed by integrating the patient back into daily life without harmful stimulants. The Florida rehab center allows the user to detox in a safe environment where he will be treated by medical staff. Detoxing can be difficult and can lead to problems for the patients if they are not under the care of medical staff. By entering A Road to Recovery, Addiction Rehab Florida patients can rest assured knowing that they will be fully supervised during this process.

After the detox stage of recovery, the staff at A Road to Recovery will begin to work with the individual to develop a program that is right for him. There is no one standard program as each person's needs are different. At A Road to Recovery, patients will learn coping mechanisms that they can begin to incorporate into their lives so they do not have to rely on using alcohol or drugs to get through difficult times. Patients can attend twelve step meetings so they can build a support network to have in place once they leave the facility.

In addition to meeting with case managers, therapists and attending group meetings, patients will live in housing located off of the premises which allows them to begin to manage on their own without using stimulants. Daily group activities to the movies or the beach are also incorporated into the program. This method allows the patients to recover in a natural setting instead of being confined within a medical facility and then forced to integrate into society on their own.

The patients are responsible for cooking, cleaning and taking care of their housing unit. They can choose whether to attend off-site twelve step meetings as well. The unique approach of A Road to Recovery is to allow patients to recover in a loving environment which is the opposite of the tough love approach that many rehab facilities employ. This method puts the recovery options into the hands of the patients which gives them more control over their lives and their recovery process.

The Florida drug and alcohol rehab center accepts most health insurance and if cost is an option, they will work with patients to find affordable solutions. Outpatient treatment plans are also available. If you or a loved one has been struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction, you no longer have to struggle alone. Contact A Road to Recovery, a quality Drug Rehab Jupiter Fl center and begin your new life without drugs or alcohol today.

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