JPedal PDF developer library updates JBIG2 code for faster PDF viewing

JPedal version 4.21 adds new JBIG2 decoder allowing faster PDF viewing. PDF Search, Ghostscript and PageFlow routine updates also contribute to faster PDF display.

Online PR News – 16-June-2010 – – IDRsolutions, makers of the JPedal Java PDF viewer, have released a new version of their PDF developer library with a completely rewritten JBIG2 decoder. Customers can now view PDF's with JBIG2 images substantially faster than previous releases.

Other improvements in this release include faster search of PDF files, improved Ghostscript support as well as faster scrolling of PDF files when using our unique PageFlow GUI.

The JPedal PDF library has been extensively improved during the course of the version 4 releases, adding both PageTurn and PageFlow viewing modes. Mark Stephens, CEO of IDRsolutions said: "These options make PDF document viewing more life-like, giving a richer user experience to our customers, and more importantly to their end users".

As always this software is 100% java, with free trial versions available for download from their website.