Florida House Approved to Add Beds and Extend Services to More Clients

Florida House is a Florida based drug and alcohol recover center designed to wean patients off drugs and provide them with the necessary skills to live life without drugs.

Online PR News – 27-August-2013 – Deerfield Beach, FL – A recent report issued by the United States Government has indicated that a record number of people, especially in the baby boomer generation have developed a taste for recreational drug use. Many are finding themselves in need of medically supervised detox programs and inpatient recovery programs to kick the habit.

Deerfield Beach, Florida -August 26, 2013

CBS New York has recently released an alarming report that indicates that more and more baby boomers are using and abusing drugs. The baby boomer generation is defined as those born between 1946 and 1964 and is edging closer and closer to retirement. "Unfortunately, many of these boomers grew up using drugs and just never stopped," said a reporter for CBS New York. "Either they didn't stop or they went back to what they knew as a way to cope with the stress of aging and looming retirement."

Some experts believe that the drug use is more closely related to social issues rather than the stresses of day to day life. Dr. Carise of Phoenix House was quoted as saying "I think it's possible that they're lonely, and they're sad, and they're kind of isolated. These people are looking to escape the everyday pressures of life and are turning back to what worked for them in the past."

At Florida House, patients are evaluated and treated for their drug addictions based on a customized treatment plan that includes a medically supervised detox process, group and individual therapy sessions and other support services designed to not only wean clients off drugs with a minimal amount of discomfort, but also provide assistance for the underlying causes of addiction and life skills training to teach them how to live again without drugs. Florida House offers each client the ability to receive individualized Drug Florida In Rehab services in a state of the art, luxury environment in beautiful south Florida. "We provide upscale accommodations including beautifully furnishes suites plenty of amenities and a caring, professional staff." In addition to traditional drug rehabilitation treatment, Florida House provides acupuncture, massage therapy, exercise facilities and yoga instruction and more.

And what's more is that Florida House has recently been approved to add 60 more beds to their treatment center in Florida, extending their reach to many more clients in need."Recreational drug abuse is rapidly becoming an epidemic all over the country. A detox center such as Florida House is experienced in how to address drug dependency in a wide variety of patients and can help them achieve the sobriety they seek," said Florida House CEO.

The CDC is reporting that approximately 5 percent of the 78 million baby boomers have admitted to using and abusing drugs and the number is rising rapidly. Additionally, the number of people over 50 who admit to seeking treatment for heroin, cocaine, and prescription drug abuse has increased exponentially since 1992. Unfortunately, this trend shows no signs of slowing. However, this doesn't mean that there is no hope. Florida House provides baby boomers and beyond the ability to take back their lives through Rehab In FL, and get back on the path to living a happy, healthy, productive life without drugs.

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