The Breathing Center would like to announce the anniversary of our unique program

Our program, Adenoids Without Surgery, is an extremely effective program for kids suffering from enlarged adenoids, as well as infected tonsils, sleep apnea and other respiratory issues.

Online PR News – 26-August-2013 – Boulder, CO – Our program, Adenoids Without Surgery, is an extremely effective program for kids suffering from enlarged adenoids, as well as infected tonsils, sleep apnea and other respiratory issues. Now five years old, this educational program involves applying the Breathing Normalization™ method, based on the ground-breaking findings of K.P. Buteyko, MD., and confirmed by sixty years of application in Clinica Buteyko™ Moscow. Dr. Buteyko discovered that the normalization of breathing leads to significant improvement in the functioning of immune, nervous, digestive, respiratory and other bodily systems. This unique program exists only here in the U.S. at the , and at Clinica Buteyko™ Moscow. The Breathing Center was founded in 2009 by Sasha and Thomas Yakovlev-Fredricksen, at the request of Dr. Buteyko's wife Ludmila Buteyko and the Medical Director of Clinica Buteyko ™ Moscow Andrey Novozhilov MD.

Any child above three years of age can learn the Breathing Normalization exercises. The method helps children overcome various health issues and also acts as prevention for many serious diseases. Besides the reduction or removal of primary symptoms, the usual outcome of applying the Breathing Normalization Method is increased concentration and mental clarity, calmness, absence of allergies, and seasonal colds. Our program Adenoids Without Surgery has become particularly popular among parents. Here’s why: we teach children and their parents how to normalize breathing by eliminating hyperventilation. Usually, this significantly improves a child’s health, and as a result many children have been able to avoid surgical removal of their adenoids – as physicians no longer deemed it necessary.

At Clinica Buteyko™ Moscow, decades of clinical experience have shown that the enlargement and inflammation of adenoids in children is always associated with the presence of hyperventilation, more specifically mouth breathing. By restoring normal respiratory function in a child, it is possible to avoid the surgical removal of adenoids. A Breathing Normalization Specialist works with the child, but also with their parents helping them to understand how to create an environment conducive to healthy breathing. Most children perceive the breathing exercises as a fun game. The entire family can do the exercises together.

Andrey Novozhilov M.D., patent holder of the Buteyko™ Method, said this about the Adenoids program:

"Dr. Buteyko's method is holistic; that is to say, it restores health in general and does not just eliminate a specific symptom. When the respiratory function is normalized, the child's immune system begins to recover and he or she stops hurting. His or her memory and ability to pay attention improves, in addition to which the child becomes calmer. It usually becomes easier for teachers and parents to work with a child and his or her progress in school improves. Moreover, other problems also dissipate – for example, bed wetting (nocturnal enuresis), from which many children with adenoids and impaired nasal breathing suffer. Incidentally, the attention of parents should be drawn to Dr. Buteyko's approach for treating bed wetting. If a child has sustained a partial hearing loss as a result of ear infection, it then begins to be restored. As previously stated, it often happens that during the first few breathing exercise lessons, a child will say with astonishment: "I can hear again!” This occurs due to the fact that the periods of Buteyko breathing exercises clear up the edema of the ears, nose and throat. I already mentioned it but the effect is so striking that I can speak about it over and over again."

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