Abi Hand Held Vascular Doppler for diabetic patients

ABI vascular doppler test helps in diagnosing peripheral arterial disease. Leading manufacturers and distributor of abi vascular doppler, hand Held Vascular Doppler, ankle brachial index doppler, arterial doppler and doppler peripheral vascular disease.

Online PR News – 26-August-2013 – Chennai – ABI Vascular Doppler is one of the most popular tests which can access the observed data of ABI or ankle-brachial index. This test is very important for all diabetic patients in order to predict and study the frequency of the peripheral arterial disease, also termed as PAD. In this test the B.P of the patient is measured at the arm and ankle while he is in rest. Usually, the readings are taken on periodical intervals especially after the patients walk on a tread mill for few minutes. The fall in the ABI index is ascribed to the PAD. In fact, patients should take utmost care in case of ABI index drop because it is linked with high risk of silent heart attack and normal heart attack.

Patients who suffer from high diabetes are highly susceptible to damage of the body’s nervous system and thus they aim to peripheral arterial disease. The ABI Vascular Doppler test enables patients to diagnose the peripheral arterial disease. Generally, the index measures around 1.0-1.4 in normal people which indicates that the pressure difference between the ankle and arm regions is normal. Rise in the number of this index needs high attention.

The device that is used to measure ABI vascular Doppler is manufactured using various advanced features. This is a safe and intrusive instrument that can give quick and easy diagnosis. This device also consists of an onscreen guide along with graphic display which enables the user to understand and use the instrument easily. One can also take out the result in the form of hardcopy. Hand held ABI- Vascular Doppler can be used to estimate the index safely and accurately. Some manufacturers also prefer to offer training sessions to those doctors who conduct these kinds of tests.
Diabetes patients should go for ABI Vascular Doppler tests after periodical intervals in order to anticipate the chances of peripheral arterial disease. It can also help to take the appropriate precautions which can ensure a tension free life. To know more about this Doppler you can browse the online websites now. If you want to purchase an arterial Doppler, then it is suggested to check out the online sites where you can get it easily at discount rates. Several models are available and you can browse the sites to choose one as per your requirements. Make sure that you read the advantages and details of each of the model before finally choosing one. It is suggested to check out the reliability and popularity of the site before you place the order. The price of this instrument is quite reasonable and there is no need to break your bank in order to purchase one.