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This press release informs readers that, one of the best personal development websites offers valuable journaling ideas, tools and tips to help you empower yourself, increase your self confidence and boost your mental health.

Online PR News – 26-August-2013 – Edmonton, AB, Canada – In today’s modern world, most of us struggle with stress, anxiety and depression. Keeping a journal can help you control your emotions, manage your life and improve your mental health. Writing down your thoughts and feelings can help you provide better insight and increase the levels of self awareness. In order to increase the effectiveness of journaling, offers a range of valuable journaling tools, ideas and tips. You can use them to master the art of journaling and improve results in all areas of your life.

John Robson - owner, trainer and avid journaller at said, “We offer a series of journaling questions that will prompt you write about your inner feelings and thoughts much better. Our tools help you get better connection with your values and emotions, new and higher perspectives on life, and better understanding of your relationship to everything. We aid you to sort through the mental clutter and provide information on what tools work best for you. Journaling ideas given by our team can help improve your mental clarity, solve problems and improve your overall focus. As you transfer your problems from head to paper, your mind will be emptied and it will allow allocation of valuable inner resources to solve problems instead of storing problems”.

One of the most effective journaling ideas offered by is to prioritize your fears, problems and concerns into a "Hot List". Write them down in your journal. Keep track of your feelings regarding these problems or fears and explore situations that triggers them. Getting close to the problem and having clarity over it can help you learn better ways to solve it and gain control over your life. Writing a journal allows you to converse with your inner mind and this helps you get insights that you would have missed otherwise. It is almost like two people working together to get a mutual understanding.

Stress, depression and anxiety are usually not caused by one big problem. They are caused by the accumulation of numerous small problems. Decluttering these problems by writing separately on paper can help you deal with them more effectively. Once you transfer your fears and concerns from the head to the paper, you fear and worry about them less. Clarifying first the problem allow you to find appropriate solutions. With practice, journaling can be an effective method overcome stress, depression and anxiety. recommends effective exercises via worksheets to heal your heart and improve your mental health. You can get an array of useful tools for creativity, clarity, control and creating what you desire. Dream calendar allows you to put your perfect day, week and year on one page. You can create a meaningful life history log by using the stepping stones tool. Daily tracker tool allows you to keep track of your progress. We have over 50 journaling tools so you can find the best ones that work for you.

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