Mobile Gaming Studio, Gamifyd Launches Entertainment Game ‚ÄėCandies with Friends‚Äô

Entertainment game ‚ÄėCandies with Friends‚Äô launched by indie gaming studio, Gamifyd. The San Francisco based gaming studio develops intriguing games for both iOS and Android.

Online PR News – 30-August-2013 – August 21st, 2013, San Francisco – Mobile gaming studio, Gamifyd ( has launched entertainment game ‚ÄėCandies with Friends‚Äô, on Android.

Candies with Friends works on the model of daring friends and scoring higher to beat the competition, without having to get stuck on the same level for days. The game is free to download and supports in-game purchases, in order to reach higher levels of gameplay.

Gamifyd is a mobile gaming studio based in San Francisco and has been in the limelight for acquiring the publishing and marketing rights of Burt Destruction, a game with more than half a million downloads. The gaming studio has also developed Air Strike Classic for iOS and Android, which had more than 20,000 downloads in its first two weeks.

Talking more about ‚ÄėCandies with Friends‚Äô and its features making it better than other gaming apps, Parag Jain, CEO of Gamifyd said, ‚ÄúCandies with Friends started when we discovered that our friends were getting hooked to the ultra popular Candy Crush Saga but were getting increasingly frustrated on getting stuck at singular levels. The endless hours put by my friends to reach the next level of the game would at times be insane and that drove us to work on something similar but way less complicated and social.‚ÄĚ

He further added, ‚ÄúCandies with Friends is not a struggle to beat the game but a fun race to beat your friends‚Äô scores. Challenge your friends‚Äô candy matching skills and score high points. The game is free to download on Android and offers a fun filled user experience. Get addicted to another candy saga, but with friends!‚ÄĚ

Gamifyd has played smart and has focussed the game around beating friends' scores rather than beating the game. No money has to be spent on gaining daily chances and the social aspect of the game is its apparent 'USP'.

It's all about beating opponents in ‚ÄėCandies with Friends‚Äô in a two minute candy matching session. The game is divided into three rounds and has features like game chat, candy bombs, and power-ups.

About Gamifyd

Gamifyd is an indie gaming studio, based in San Francisco that develops quality gaming apps. The games are backed by engaging story lines, riveting game-play and smooth controls. Each game is designed to create a virtual world that draws users in.

Gamifyd has many more user-friendly and mind engaging games in their development pipeline. They’re also creating a series of educational apps aligned with the US K-12 Common Core Standards to help teachers, parents and students expand knowledge outside traditional lesson plans.