Flatulence Can Now Be Stopped With New Supplement Announce Company

RezVera is an all-natural dietary supplement that can be used to alleviate flatulence

Online PR News – 26-August-2013 – Grandville/Michigan – For millions of people experiencing digestive ailments, perhaps nothing is more embarrassing than unexpected and uncontrollable bouts of flatulence or stomach gas. Medical professionals promote a number of remedies, including changes in diet and lifestyle, but one of the easiest and most effective products available is a dietary supplement called RezVera.

What is Flatulence?

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services defines flatulence as the method by which gas that builds up in the digestive track is released through the anus. The definition further states: "Gas is primarily composed of carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, and sometimes methane. Flatus, gas passed through the anus, may also contain small amounts of gasses that contain sulfur. Flatus that contains more sulfur gasses has more odor."

As most people will agree, flatulence, its symptoms, and its passing are embarrassing and sometimes painful. But RezVera's combination of all-natural ingredients minimizes uncomfortable symptoms and soothes the digestive system before the symptoms become a cause for concern.

Common Causes

According to the U.S. National Institutes of Health, gas resulting in flatulence has several possible causes, including:

• Carbonated beverages.
• Certain foods that produce gas in the digestive track, including vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, beans), fruits (pears, apples, peaches), whole grains, dairy products, packaged foods, and hard candy.
• Medication, illness, or stress.

One of the biggest causes, however, is the presence of food in the digestive system that has not broken down or been turned into nutrients. This itself is the result of digestive enzymes that are not working properly, having been compromised through illness, medicine, poor diet, or other factors. In this case, bacteria and gas builds up and are typically released as flatulence. But RezVera contains powerful digestive enzymes that supplement and strengthen the body's supply and make food digestion more efficient. The end result is a healthier digestive system free from uncontrolled flatulence and other ailments.

“RezVera's three main ingredients are Digestive Enzymes, Aloe Vera, and resveratrol,” a company spokesperson said recently. “Each one works to reduce the worst symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and other digestive ailments.”

RezVera is available in tablets which can be taken twice a day with water until flatulence and other digestive ailments subside. It begins working quickly for most patients, but the time frame is different because of each person's unique physiology, the spokesperson said. If the product does not work as expected, the empty bottle can be returned for a refund minus shipping costs because RezVera comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

John P, a satisfied customer from Detroit, Michigan praised RezVera and said, "It works when nothing else would. Now I have flatulence under control."

About RezVera

RezVera is a dietary supplement for those suffering from IBS, and other common digestive problems. Its effectiveness is the result of a blend of Aloe Vera, Resveratrol, Digestive Enzymes, and more than a dozen other all-natural ingredients to help the digestive system work efficiently and regularly. For more information, visit http://rezvera.com.

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