WethePeopleNow.org Launches A Strategic Plan to Realize Dr. Martin Luther King’s Dream

Many in our country are desperate for jobs so they can feed their families, afford housing, healthy food, education and healthcare. With no economic recovery in sight, there is an urgent need for reform which is why the launch of this Strategic Plan.

Online PR News – 26-August-2013 – Arlington, Virginia – An updated Universal, Common Strategic Plan for a Peaceful, Prosperous and Just World is being launched in coordination with the National Action Network’s Commemoration of the 50th anniversary of MLK’s “I Have A Dream” Speech at the 1963 March on Washington. This Plan, outlined on WethePeopleNow.org, proves that such a world is possible and shows how to achieve it.

The August 24th launch is timed to correspond with thousands descending upon Washington DC to march against unemployment, assaults on voting rights, ‘stop & frisk’ practices, ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws, and attacks on women, LGBT and immigrants’ rights described by Al Sharpton in his article “National Action to Realize the Dream”.

The “Organizing Manual” for the 1963 March on Washington reads:
‘For more than a century we have written to Congressmen and visited Presidents. For more than a century our leaders have walked in the legislative halls bearing petitions and appeals. For more than a century our experts have drafted and proposed far-sighted remedies for the diseases that beset our society. Progress, if any, has been slow’.

Progress is still very slow. Although we should be optimistic about the future, we must realize that many in our country and the world are desperate for jobs so they can feed their families, and have affordable housing, healthy food, education, healthcare, justice and a government willing to work with them honestly and effectively. There is no "economic recovery" in sight. There is an urgent need for reform.

Despite all our past efforts, corporations:
• Are gaining more and more control over all three branches of our governments and international organizations.
• Have accumulated a massive amount of assets. The world's 2,000 leading corporations/companies had total assets of $159 trillion in 2013 according to Forbes.com.
This is why we must work together and coordinate our efforts using this Strategic Plan which includes:
• The Common Agenda which summarizes all the work that must be done to permanently end wars, poverty, inequalities.
• The Table of Individual Action Items which will ultimately list all the individual actions from the Common Agenda.
• The Summary of Funding Sources which shows that there are more than enough funds to accomplish the work in the Common Agenda, eliminate the annual deficit, pay down the national debt and end all austerity programs.
• The Summary of Employment Opportunities which includes new WPAs, and CCCs throughout all states.
We the People demand that our Representatives, Senators and President quit working for corporate executives and lobbyists and work with the people to:
• Fund the work in the Common Agenda, eliminate deficit spending, sequestration and fear mongering over the national debt and the fiscal cliff hoax by making funds available from the Summary of Funding Sources (Common Agenda Item #22), in particular:

o "Coin" high value, serialized coins and/or print "Greenbacks" in particular for jobs programs instead of allowing the Federal Reserve to issue trillions of dollars to financial institutions.
o Nationalize the Federal Reserve and recoup/disgorge the trillions of dollars granted, loaned or otherwise provided to financial institutions and the profits/revenue from the use of these funds (Common Agenda Item #20).
o Enact Very Progressive Property Taxes on the Approximately $70 Trillion of Assets and Other Property of Corporations and Individuals and Eliminate Income, Sales, Estate and Other Taxes (Common Agenda #19). This will also decrease the most severe wealth inequality of all times.
• Provide Both Jobs at Living Wages and Affordable Necessities of Life for All. Full employment at living wages will remove the worker’s fear that an immigrant or recent parolee will take his job.
• Ensure the homeless, hungry and sick have adequate, decent housing, nutritious food and healthcare immediately (Common Agenda Item #1)
• Reorganize Congress and the Executive Department by Function and as Necessary to Implement this Plan and Accomplish its Goals (Common Agenda Item #2)
• End US Wars and Occupations and Permanently Disarm with No Layoffs. (Common Agenda Items #3 - 7)
• Help refine and implement the other 23 or so Common Agenda items.

Section VII of the Plan What We the People Must Do includes:
B. Implement a Factual Information and Education Program and Advanced Communications System
C. Develop and Implement a Nationwide, Critical Mass Network - United Front Based on Zip Codes
D. Establish an Office to Coordinate Implementation of the Strategic Plan
E. Develop and Implement a Fund Raising Program (See Donation tab on website)

By working from a comprehensive strategic plan, actions can be prioritized, work can be divided up, duplicated efforts avoided and all the required work accomplished. Also networking with others with similar interests and finding cooperative efforts will be easier.

Please go to WethePeoplenow.org, read the parts of the Strategic Plan that you are interested in and Subscribe to Join a Working Group for Common Agenda Item(s) and/or be a Zip Code Coordinator.

Corporate executives, lobbyists and crony control of the government has failed which is why we need to refine and implement the Strategic Plan and turn the reins of government over to the people.