Jon Acosta Invites You to Benefit from His Expertise in Video Production

Jon Acosta comes across as quiet and unassuming but hides a wealth of talent and professional expertise in all aspects of video production, the true love of his life.

Online PR News – 25-August-2013 – usa – Jon Acosta comes across as quiet and unassuming but hides a wealth of talent and professional expertise in all aspects of video production, the true love of his life.
Working as a certified software trainer, consultant and TV producer, Jon has years of hands-on experience in this field. Magnanimously, Jon shares his knowledge on video production on his website. Additionally, he offers free training in video and film production through the website, giving would be videographers the benefit of his rich experience.
“It’s pretty simple... I’m absolutely dedicated to helping people tell visual stories. Period. If I can help a few people get started in videography with advice on the best DSLR cameras or train them to become experts in all aspects of video production, I feel like I’ve done my job. It gives me great joy and satisfaction to see the lightbulb go off in a new video maker's mind,” said Jon when asked about the launch of this free training offer.
“Those in photography can even add video production as a skill and earn revenues by taking advantage of my offer.”
“Books and institutes can only give you so much. The rest you have to learn by hands-on experience. However, I have condensed years of my experience in this free training book that anyone can download and use as a guideline to become an expert in all aspects of video production,” he went on clarifying how his offer differs from routine online or classroom based training offers in video production. A noted San Francisco Bay Area video production expert, Jon has produced web videos, TV commercials, music videos, wedding videos, fashion videos and corporate videos and the training offer is a rich compilation of his experience in all these diverse areas.
As a busy professional, Jon still finds time to review products and post them on his website. Asked for a reason, he said that amateurs and beginners in photography and videography can be confused by so many cameras available and think that the best DSLR cameras will give them the best photographs or footage.
“What I have done through my website is let enthusiasts know that the best DSLR cameras will not necessarily translate to best images unless you develop the creative insight and knowledge, both of which are complementary to developing skill to a high level,” Jon explained.
An acclaimed video production expert, his expertise also covers some aspects of photography. Jon believes in telling stories using music and visuals to complement and synergistically strengthen the impact of a video and his training offers practical tips guidance on achieving the right mix.
It does not stop there. Jon also offers more by personalized advice on not only becoming a skilled video production professional, but also in teaching you how you can drop the traditional 9 to 5 job and start a career doing what you love and making money from it.
“I have condensed my experience and set it all out in easy to follow guides that even newbies can adapt. My aim is to point people in the right direction and give them the benefit of my knowledge. It is free and anyone can try it any time simply by subscribing and registering.”

About: Jon Acosta is a noted San Francisco Bay Area video production consultant, software trainer and producer of innumerable, highly acclaimed productions. He runs a blog offering free tips, guidance and training on photography, video production and on becoming independent in life. Visit his website or email for more information.