Bio3 Natural Health Products Introduces Herbal-Infused Slimcaps and Naturcaps

Traditional herbal ingredients made for organic herbal teas now available in easy-to-take capsules

Online PR News – 16-June-2010 – – Bio3 Natural Health Products, a leading producer of alternative treatments, produces 2 million bags of tea per day at its manufacturing plant in León, Spain. Each tea bag contains selected plant ingredients, altogether prepared for a healthful herbal infusion to treat minor illnesses such as overweightness, constipation, hypertension, flu or stress.

But while Bio3 Natural Health Products continues to produce its line of tea products, the company has engineered a series of capsules complete with micronized plants, imparting the benefits derived by tea drinking.

The new line of Slimcaps and Naturcaps features vegetable gelatin jelly pills, or soft capsules, that serve to supplement a healthy lifestyle. Plant ingredients contained in this form offer an alternative method of intake.

“Traditionally, plants have been used for creating herbal infusions, but for those who don’t enjoy drinking tea, the capsules contain the same natural plant ingredients developed for a different method of administration,” says Bio3 Natural Health Products spokesperson Yolanda Sáez. “For people on the go, it’s also easier to take the capsules while at the office or gym and carry around in a briefcase or handbag, irrespective of the time or place,” she adds.

Bio3 Natural Health Products’ line of capsules includes the following all natural diet pills and herbal nutrition supplements: Echinacea Naturcaps, Garlic Naturcaps, Soy Lecithin Naturcaps, Valerian Root Naturcaps, Evening Primrose Naturcaps, Obesity Slimcaps, Cellulite Slimcaps, and Artichoke Slimcaps.

According to Bio3’s laboratory technicians, consumption of medicinal plant ingredients like garlic, valerian root and marine algae is better suited through capsules since they may be unpleasant to drink in tea form.

Each of the herbal capsules offers distinct benefits: Echinacea Naturcaps for strengthening the immune system; Garlic Naturcaps for reducing cholesterol and triglyceride levels; Soy Lecithin Naturcaps for improving blood circulation and memory; Valerian Root Naturcaps for improving stress levels and sleep; Evening Primrose Naturcaps for combatting pre-menstrual discomfort; Obesity Slimcaps for removing harmful fats and toxins; Cellulite Slimcaps for fighting fat deposits; and Artichoke Slimcaps for metabolizing fats.

The new capsules, packaged with 80 jelly pills, will be made available in the United States via the Bio3 Natural Health Products website.

About Bio3 Natural Health Products:
Bio3 Natural Health Products is dedicated to the development of natural health products using herb supplements from plants for herbal health remedies. Bio3 Natural Health Products, which include all natural diet pills, organic herbal teas, health nutrition supplements, soluble drinks, and weight loss dietary supplements, are developed under the highest quality standards and each natural health product is produced with herb supplements, weight loss herbs and ingredients from plants that are grown in a free-pollution environment.

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