HyipCore Launches to Target The Investment Tracking WebServices Market

HyipCore is an online investment monitoring, tracking, and advisory with the main focus to provide investors with extensive and specific data points to monitor their High Yield Investment Programs with absolute ease.

Online PR News – 25-August-2013 – Singapore City/Singapore – HyipCore is an online investment and tracking service that was established in 2012 to as a solution to investors and market watchers to monitor the performance of their preferred online investment program. HyipCore’s key function is to feature many statistical data points, summaries, and analyses for investors to benchmark and compare investment plans from the various HYIP or High Yield Investment Programs. After a short hiatus from upgrades and getting a new facelift, HyipCore has since relaunched, as of 23rd August 2013. HYIP has always been a niche or fringe investment option when it comes to online investment opportunities, third only to Forex (Foreign Exchange or Currency Trading), and second to securities like bonds, stocks, mutual funds, gold, options, and futures.

The difference between HYIP and other investment options is they provide faster and higher growth in a relatively shorter amount of time. This is because HYIP is not market-regulated and is driven solely on investors, Hyip owners and promoters or runners in the industry such as Forums, Hyip Monitors, or other online source of traffic such as blogs.
The key focus of HyipCore.com is to provide investors with a merged cornucopia of intel and data for extensive relational analysis, to protect them from potential scams and also to diversify the investment channels. This is parallel with the old investment adage, to not put all your nest eggs into one investment basket. Upgrades and improvements are meant to seal HyipCore’s position as a key player and provider in the online HYIP industry. This has been evident in the roaring reception received by Hyipcore after it went into operation around September of 2012.

HyipCore.com is engineered by the team that created HyipBox.com, another powerful and feature rich HYIP listing and tracking portal. The team behind HyipCore and HyipBox has been actively involved with online investments and especially experienced in intuitively spotting profitable ventures and opportunities and averting weak or dubious investment programs with potential to become scams. During the entire time HyipCore was under upgrades, its members and users were channeled to HyipBox.com as an alternative in order to maintain the continuity of business and to upkeep the flow of investors who expect the list of HYIPs which they’ve been actively monitoring. The team’s focus now would be to provide a par excellence service and monitoring solution to investors and HYIP owners alike. The Web 3.0 technology is integrated and new designs technologies are adopted and combined with an interactive and dynamic interface with many columnar fields for each data type. HyipCore’s next focus would be to provide the same GUI or graphical user interface look and feel to mobile users as well as users of other operating systems and browsers. Overall, HyipCore was designed to provide a high speed content delivery interface that is ripe with many features. Site Owner Max Devone says that it is imperative that users become acquainted with using HyipCore for all their HYIP investment tracking needs, as it provides you the goods, and prevents information overload or confusion as a result of data manipulation by other investment trackers or investment programs.

The online investment industry is fraught with many streams or modes of operation, with options ranging from Currency or FX trading, bonds, mutual funds, stocks, precious metal, indices, fuel, commodities, and even property/real estate. Hence it must be emphasized that potential investors must exercise extra caution before deciding to liquidize their money into any of these investment streams. HyipCore gives investors the ability to choose programs that are more suited to their own budget and pace. It is very important that users start small only invest a tenth of their nest egg, and not be wholly or solely dependent on just a few sites. HyipCore also features a very powerful referral builder system where users can join and enter their referral id for specific Hyip programs. When their HyipCore referral link is promoted, it will only feature the programs which they have chosen in the member’s area

HyipCore’s monitoring and tracking interface is now jam packed with many features that show the fundamental information of HYIP sites, like program name, domain, ROI plans, referral commission, and partners monitoring statuses. It can further be expanded by manipulating the checkboxes that correspond with the columns or data fields. HyipCore also has extra features such as domain, ISP, and hosting tracking, as well as comment and ratings section for members to voice their opinions or complains for each HYIP program. Our Partner Hyip Monitor site hyipbox.com, also tracks and ranks online investment opportunities for users to monitor the performance of their favorite online investment programs with ease. For more information on how the new system works, also visit our main site Hyip Monitoring site www.hyipcore.com for latest updated hyip news, updates, and statuses.