DUI Effects on Auto Insurance Explained by Insure4USA.com in New Report

Newly published report discusses state laws, implications and effects on auto insurance for DUI drivers.

Online PR News – 15-June-2010 – – Sadly, but true, a father, mother, brother, sister, and an innocent child, all fall victim to alcohol related car or traffic accidents. According to a report, 'DUI Effects on Auto Insurance,' released by Insure4USA.com, auto Insurance companies have also joined in the effort to stem the growth of DUI cases. While stringent laws such as suspension of license, fines, and community service are already in place, insurance companies have now decided to increase rates in an attempt to deter drivers from driving under the influence of alcohol.

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Alex, CEO of Insure4USA.com states, "DUI is a big problem in America with documented cases of driving under the influence of alcohol ever increasing. This not only calls for quick settlement but also involves the spread of a vigilant attitude by the citizens. Drivers involved come up with explanations for their actions while the resultant damages are permanent in most cases." Alex adds, "Such irresponsible behavior is hazardous not only to pedestrians and other drivers but also to property. The loss is irrevocable. Damages are difficult to come to terms with. Those suing for compensation of loss involved are as adamant as the drivers justifying their actions or coming up with explanations for their actions."

According to the report, 'DUI Effects on Auto Insurance,' some states require previous offenders to install an ignition interlock to prevent the car from being started if the driver has consumed alcohol beyond a specific limit. Insurance companies consider DUI drivers as high-risk and may even refuse insurance, which could mean an end to the convenience of owning a car for many drivers. Multiple offenders are at risk of having to forfeit their vehicle. According to Alex, the policies of insurance companies now play an active role in curbing incidences of DUI. No insurance company would want to pay up for a person’s negligence that causes irreparable harm to innocent people.

Insure4USA.com report reveals how easy it is for insurance companies to find out the records about any driver. They work along with state departments to determine whether their clients have any DUI offenses, which is a good move considering the impact it can have on the safety of the public. DUI offenders need to become more responsible or face the consequences. Avoiding community service will only end up in stiffer penalties and harsher punishment. Offenders have only once chance to put their record straight or end up as a mere statistic in a penitentiary.

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