Workers On Call Announces New Live Outsourcing Platform
08/25/2013 announces release of the fastest hiring tool online. Employers can now find and hire freelancers around the world in 30 minutes or less.

Online PR News – 25-August-2013 – San Francisco, California – Workers On Call gives American and European employers brand new ways to hire freelancers or online contractors in under 30 minutes to do any work. companies looking for data entry support, Web design, programming or customer support will find WorkersOnCall the go-to site.

What is the difference between WorkersOnCall and the other freelancing sites? Simple, a plentiful pool of international freelancers who are online NOW and ready to start any job. Forget pointless cover letters and applications, all job searches are matched to freelancers by skills. Live chat is offered to connect with professionals about important or timely jobs and easy tools fill the site to help hire quickly and start work immediately.

The online work market is growing at an unbelievable rate topping $1 Billion this year in profits. Companies are increasingly outsourcing to keep their budgets down and contractors are finding it easier to work full time from home. So what is the problem with outsourcing? For an employer the pain comes in hiring. They have a job to do right now but only minutes spare to do the hiring. IF it takes a day or two to find the workers needed to complete a job it becomes redundant.

Enter Workers On Call. Their presence system informs employers about who is online and for how long so HR personnel or entrepreneurs don't waste any time hiring someone who is about to go to sleep in another country! Then any employer can hire in minutes and train using their live tools. Easy tools allow tracking of freelancer's work time all in one place. Quite simply it is the fastest way to hire online. Website Email us at: or call: 888 6956659, Workers On Call

Workers On Call is the fastest growing Outsourced worker hiring site. Started by American Employers who were sick and tired of the time it takes to hire freelancers!

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