Vacuum Depot Online Sales Now Offer Commercial Vacuums

Florida-based Vacuum Depot recently announced it is selling commercial vacuum cleaners for heavy-duty jobs that require commercial-grade vacuums.

Online PR News – 23-August-2013 – Orange Park, FL – Orange Park, FL - Florida-based Vacuum Depot, an online vacuum cleaner store, recently announced its intention to sell commercial vacuum cleaners for heavy-duty jobs that require commercial-grade vacuums.

The company says that commercial grade vacuums are different from residential ones because they are required to clean large industrial spaces and are usually made with higher-powered motors. They also are manufactured to include a greater capacity for collecting much larger quantities of debris than the average household vacuum. Commercial vacuum cleaners must be strong enough to handle more frequent use than residential vacuums and are built to handle a large workload.

Vacuum Depot spokesperson Kevin Booth says that the company’s commercial vacuums are available for a reasonable price. He wants his customers to know that the company can ensure customer purchases stay within the desired price range. He says, “We guarantee to meet your cleaning needs and budget with our wide selection of commercial vacuum cleaners.”

Since 1976, Vacuum Depot has specialized in vacuum cleaner sales. Customer demand prompted the company to provide commercial vacuum cleaners that can handle tough jobs and last a long time. In addition to vacuums, they also provide commercial vacuum cleaner parts online. Their selection of commercial vacuum cleaners includes Royal and Sanitaire brands, among others.

Styles from Royal commercial vacuum cleaners, a brand-name in the vacuum cleaner industry that has been making strong vacuums since 1905, include upright, bag-less, backpack and all metal. Sanitaire commercial vacuum cleaners, a leading brand specializing in commercial vacuums since 1972, has selections available in the following styles: upright, all metal, bag-less, backpack and wide-area base.

Vacuum Depot wants business customers to know the advantages of owning a commercial vacuum. First and foremost is that these vacuums typically do not require constant repairs. They stress that all of their commercial vacuum cleaners are built to keep up with any workload any business needs done.

Best of all, no matter where the business is located, Vacuum Depot is able to meet any and all commercial vacuum needs online. For industry-leading vacuum cleaner models, visit Vacuum Depot at from anywhere in the country to shop for and purchase a commercial grade, industry-style vacuum.

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