Hampton Based Attorneys Offer Advice for Labor Day Weekend Revelers

Many people will toast the end of summer over the Labor Day long weekend, a fact police officers know all too well. The Law Office of J.B. Thomas and Associates offers some helpful tips for anyone pulled over for a potential DUI arrest.

Online PR News – 23-August-2013 – Hampton VA – There’s nothing wrong with celebrating the end of summer over the upcoming Labor Day weekend. But failing to plan getting home after those celebrations can lead to trouble.

The long weekend is a popular time for police officers to conduct roadside stops for suspicion of DUI. Obviously, making arrangements for transportation, whether it is a cab, car service or designated driver, is the only surefire way to avoid a DUI arrest. But if alternate transportation isn’t available, a person who can’t wait to get home and hops in a car after drinking can face serious consequences.

The Law Office of J. B. Thomas and Associates, a Hampton law firm, has defended many drivers in DUI cases. Over the years, the Hampton lawyers have found a DUI defense has a much better chance of succeeding if the driver does a few specific things at the time of the arrest. Many people believe they have to do exactly what a police officer tells them. This is not necessarily the case. The rights guaranteed by the Constitution allow drivers to refuse several of the procedures that police officers typically use to allow them to build a case against the driver.

Drivers should be respectful to the officer who has stopped them but say as little as possible. They should answer every question as directly and succinctly as possible. Any extra remarks can be taken out of context in court and presented as evidence of intoxication. Plus, talking to the officer for an extended period of time gives him an opportunity to say he smells alcohol on the driver’s breath, or that the driver’s speech was affected.

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