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Webshark Media lauanched new site for Goakela.com

Online PR News – 24-August-2013 – Ottawa, ON – Webshark Media launched new website for our friends at Akela. Looking forward to starting the National SEO campaign in Aug.

Akela™ is an Ottawa-based, privately held software company serving North America. We were founded by individuals who believe there is a better way to manage loyalty programs.

Now is the right time for consumers and merchants alike to move towards paperless loyalty and coupon programs as industry forecasts show that half of all consumers will own a Smartphone by year’s end.

Akela helps consumers stay connected to their favorite merchants as retailers can send customized mobile deals and information. By putting loyalty programs on something they never leave home without — their phone — Akela ensures shoppers never miss out on discounts and rewards. Merchants can also easily send additional discounts to their most valuable customers.

To learn more about Akela, please continue to browse our website, or contact our team at info@goakela.com.