Meet the Scent Designer of The Olfactory Art Exhibit at Nuit Blanche Art Festival -­‐ Toronto

Explore the handcrafted “Air of Paris” scent design. Olfactory Art Exhibit
Office lobby by day, and on the night of October 5th at Nuit Blanche Art Fesival, the fragrant city of Paris comes alive ­‐ close your eyes and smell...

Online PR News – 24-August-2013 – Toronto, Ontario. – What was the character of the air in 1919 Paris? Explore the handcrafted “Air of Paris” fragrance at Nuit Blanche to find out! Scent Designer and founder of Nose Knows Design, Tracy Pepe, has custom designed a fragrant story to illustrate the work of French-­‐American artist Marcel Duchamp. Pepe was approached by exhibit artist Faith La Rocque to design a fragrant olfactory art piece that will be featured as part of the“"l'air du temps"” Nuit Blanche festival exhibit at 2 Queen Street East, Toronto, on October 5, 2013.
Tasked with creating the “Air of Paris” signature aroma, Pepe worked with three fragrant accords, breaking them down so patrons could walk through the exhibit and smell, following their noses to the story of the scent of Paris. To accomplish such a technical piece of olfactory art, Pepe turned to historical inspiration and collaboration with French perfumer Shere Rolo. Together, the two artisans crafted a story out of Paris' defining features and inhabitants once upon a time. Aromas of clean linen, sweet yet herbaceous notes, aromatic cigar leaves preserved tightly together: a fragrant cocktail designed to capture one of the world's most renowned cities in its golden era.
“Formulating this fragrant blend was a real challenge, working with raw materials from France and crafting the fragrance to meet all of the European and Canadian regulatory standards,” comments Pepe. “Creating such an interesting and delicate blend that captures the story of Air of Paris was a satisfying and compelling journey. I truly hope patrons can understand the complexity of this Olfactive Art.”
About Tracy Pepe
Tracy Pepe is a pioneer in Scent Design and was the first to scent a commercial space in Canada. Tracy has garnered multiple distinctions and accolades within the fragrance industry throughout her career and in 2000, she wrote and published her first book, So, What’s all the Sniff About?
About Nose Knows Design
Nose Knows Design helps to generate a powerful sensory experience within a space that makes a memorable impression. The scented dimension supports the space’s overall aesthetics and emotional impact, helping to establish a stronger brand. For over twenty five years Nose Knows Design has been scenting spaces and celebrating the positive use of scent.