Hazlet New Jersey, Book-Spot.com announces the launch of its free author book marketing services.

The first of its kind, Book-Spot.com is an author-based co-op that is free for self-publishing authors to sell their books online. Now they offer even more for writers, author book marketing.

Online PR News – 24-August-2013 – Northridge – Book-Spot.com was decided to offer free author book marketing during a meeting of the board of directors on 10 March, 2013. Robert Ruisi said the project was a major undertaking and took several months to develop. However, once the service was up and running, each author member has a comprehensive collection of author book marketing tools at their fingertips.The specific features includes but not limited to search find select or contact literary agents, book publishers, book printers, libraries and bookstores along with press release submissions. Ruisi, said "There are seven free services available to each author member. There is a cross-section of tools for authors to use at the website. Some are SEO in nature while others will be more traditional book marketing tools. The details have been top secret!" He added "We're not Amazon, we're not eBay, but we are Book-Spot.com free self-publishing. This is the one place on the web where support your author actually does mean something!"Kouki, was focused on the new project for over three months. He was happy to announce that the book marketing service is ready for all author members to use today, August 23, 2013. He added that the company was targeting an earlier release date to launch the services to authors. "The USA database is complete! We will be adding Canada soon and then the rest of the literary world will be added over time." Book-Spot.com is a nonprofit organization free to authors around the world to use to market their books.