Chip Mosher Talks ComiXology's Global Expansion in Major Podcast Interview

ComiXology’s VP of communications and marketing chatted with the crew at Heart of Business and dished on his time at BOOM! Studios, simultaneous distribution, and comiXology’s bold new moves in Europe.

Online PR News – 23-August-2013 – Los Alamitos, CA – Chip Mosher, comiXology’s affable VP of marketing and communications, sat for a wide-ranging interview on everything from ComiXology’s ambitious European expansion to the future of digital publishing. In the half-hour Heart of Business podcast, Mosher not only spoke candidly on comiXology’s global footprint, but his personal journey that took him from writing his own comic, to helping grow BOOM! Studios into one of the most prestigious publishers in the industry, to promoting the world’s most popular digital distribution platform.

Here are some quotes from the interview:

On expanding into France:

“We’ve have had some really exciting developments this year. We started the year announcing comiXology Europe. We opened an office in Paris. We signed DelCore which is the second largest independent publisher in France. Six months after that we have signed up 60% of the market in France.”

On his time at Boom! Studios:

"When I was at BOOM! I had great relationships with the brick and mortar owners. When I moved to Comixology I could tell that a lot of them were razzing me. I could tell that they didn’t like that I went to the dark side so to speak. I had a great run at BOOM!, I loved working there, I loved all the people who worked there. There weren’t a whole lot of things that would take me away from that job. The opportunity for digital comics with the world platform is not an opportunity you get a lot in life."

On skepticism about digital distribution:

“Most people live too far from a comic shop, but what has been great is the digital comics revolution has happened and it has only increased awareness for comic shops. This year is the best year for comics in a generation financially. The print part of the comic industry is up like 15%.”

On the new age of comics:

“This whole year has just opened up the market in several different fronts, whether it is creatively or internationally or financially or independently. Just extrapolate that 3 or 4 years and I think this is the new golden age for comics.”

Mosher is the 8th guest on Benchmark’s Heart of Business, an unconventional business podcast that tells interesting stories through interviews and delivers actionable advice to a small business audience. Past guests have included former professional wrestler Diamond Dallas Page, the man behind the first Kickstarter-funded personal satellite, Tim DeBenedictis, and Kevin Browning, fan experience producer for Chicago band Umphrey’s Mcgee.

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