Delves into Dialects: Separate Modules for American, British, and Australian English Are Created
06/15/2010 adjusts its software to the peculiarities of English dialects by making separate modules for analyzing American, British, and other English texts.

Online PR News – 15-June-2010 – – The administration of is sure that dealing with plagiarism lies somewhere at the edge between programming and philology. Indeed, working with textual materials requires a considerable proficiency in the ways of words and languages. That is why never hesitates to delve deeper into advanced specificities of languages. Just as an ordinary example of this policy, last month the company decided to adjust its software to several major dialects of English.

“Basically, there’re two main components of plagiarism detection,” the lead programmer of says, “the first one to deal with your sentence structure and the second one that analyzes your semantics. The latter part isn’t well researched yet: even the newest computers are far from being as sophisticated as a human brain. Still, even at this stage we need new tools to replace a general algorithm.”

Therefore, a major read up was performed to accumulate all the distinctive features of American, British, and Australian language in a single extensive guide. It took several months to program these peculiarities and optimize the code, but now several modules are finally available.

“We asked one of our permanent clients to try it out,” the CEO of the company speaks. “The number of suspicious portions of text has increased so we conclude the efficiency of our software has increased as well.”

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