Sales of the popular carbonless paper from top supplier, NCRForms continue to grow.

Sales of carbonless paper, supplied by well know, NCRForms, are continuing to grow as more businesses opt for this economical and sustainable option.

Online PR News – 24-August-2013 – Hudson/OH – NCRFormsannounced recently that its carbonless paper and forms continue to grow in popularity amongst businesses and customers. The company shared the good news recently after recording significant growth in sales over recent months.

NCR forms printing and business documents are increasingly the first choice for businesses that want to create professional looking duplicate information. The company supplies thousands of business with carbonless paper and a variety of 2, 3 or 4 part NCR paper.

In addition they also offer a bespoke form service where businesses can have their own forms designed and developed to suit their own specific business needs and systems. Logos, branding and specific headings that the business requires can all be added.

This is the service which is experiencing huge growth, the company told us recently. Companies don’t just want the ability to create perfect duplicate copies of information, they are also looking for that exceptional, professional finish and to be able to customize their forms to suit specific business processes.

NCR forms are known to be highly effective methods for duplication. They are a much cheaper solution than multiple printing options. And although most systems these days are computerized, there is still a need for paperwork. The company is working hard to meet this need and to show new customers how much money can be saved by using this simple form of duplication.

Many customers have approached them after hearing from other business associates about the effectiveness of NCR paper. They are an excellent way to improve internal communication flow and they save a huge amount of time, which in turn saves the business money.

Instead of having staff spending time printing multiple copies, or entering data onto a form multiple times, the NCR forms take care of it at once. For example, the company told us that the 2 part paper is very popular for sales orders, where one goes to dispatch and one goes to accounts. There are many businesses that are not in a position to make everything computerized today, and this is an excellent option for recording and keeping duplicate information neatly and accurately.

The forms are being hailed by customers as robust and very professional looking. In addition, they are saying using this form of paper duplication has saved them money. Customers also appreciate that the NCR paper is made from re-cycled paper, taken form a sustainable source, so it is eco-friendly too, which is something many businesses today care deeply about.

By continuing to deliver an excellent service, quick delivery and top quality NCR paper, the company hopes to maintain the growth it has been experiencing lately. Sales have been very good and knowledge of NCR paper and the services the company provides is spreading fast.

It is good to see so many businesses in the country turning to a cheaper, quicker and more eco-friendly option for their corporate information needs. It seems NCR paper forms will continue to be the choice for businesses who want to duplicate information as quickly and accurately as possible on paper.