Aliens Discovered: Palmdale, CA: “Truth” Revealed in Sofia Diana Gabel’s Novel, Two Brothers: Origin

Two teenage boys, aliens, secret government agencies and high school. Who could possibly survive all of that?

Online PR News – 24-August-2013 – Ojai, California – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

August 23, 2013 – Ojai, CA; Already known for her historical romantic suspense, Charity’s Heart, her novel of feminism and Freemasons, A Woman’s Way, and her science fiction novella, The Clean Slate Accord, Sofia Diana Gabel brings to life a young adult science fiction novel, the first of a trilogy, in Two Brothers: Origin, A Ramtalan Trilogy. Available now in print and e-book published by Escargot Books and Music.

What teenage boy doesn’t want to fit in and have friends? That’s what Argus Dachel, 17, wants more than anything, but because he’s half alien, a New Breed, that’s not as easy as it seems. And it sure doesn’t help that he and his brother, Tai, are being pursued by a secret government agency. To top it off, now in their senior year at public high school, both boys risk exposure when Argus uses his extraordinary strength to defend himself against the school bully, falls for 16 year-old Lola and then learns that New Breeds are set for extermination by another group of hostile aliens. As government agent Max Jackson gets close to discovering the brothers’ identity and the hostile alien forces close in, what chance do Argus and Tai have of survival? According to Gabel, “I’ve put these boys through twists and turns and pressure that any ordinary teen would fold under, but these aren’t ordinary boys. These are New Breeds.”

Sofia Diana Gabel holds two Bachelor degrees and has been writing for most of her life. Her other interests include environmental and equality issues. Originally born in Sydney, Australia, she now resides in Southern California. To contact Ms. Gabel: website:, email:

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