H2O Plus launches fresh and new line of skin care products in India

H2O Plus is a leading cosmetic company launches fresh and new line of skin care and beauty products in India.

Online PR News – 15-June-2010 – – A sough after range of skin care products launched in India by H2O plus to provide effective skin rejuvenation this season.

H2O Plus is a leading company that deals in innovative skin care solutions by offering diverse range of skin products.
H2O Plus introduces a comprehensive collection of skin care and cosmetic products to facilitate invigorating nourishment of the skin. The company comes up with innovative and soothing products that tend to provide healthy skin and nurture its beauty.

Special Offers on Cosmetic Products
H2O Plus presents special deals on a wide range of cosmetic products. This products in the cosmetic line are limited that essentially incorporates soothing lip mender with vitamin E and marine extracts, spa jumbos including body butter and body spa to rejuvenate the dead skin. The collection also comprises of sea marine shampoo that is rich in vitamins and hydrating marine botanicals that ensure effective cleansing of hair and providing them the much needed shine and luster. Exfoliating body scrubs and water-based face cleansers are also the essential highlights of cosmetic products collection.

A complete collection of beauty and skin care products is offered that is primarily rich in marine elements and contains essential minerals and vitamins for the rejuvenation of skin.

Comprehensive Range of Bath and Body Products
H2O Plus introduces an array of bath and body products to cater to every skin type in order to provide wholesome nourishment and revitalization. Milk based shower gels, aquatic shower gels, almond bath products, lemon bath gel, guava flavored beauty products and marine shower creams tend to ace the collection. According to Puneet Verma of H2O, “Our collection of products is inspired from the elements of nature that assure healthy and nourished skin to our customers. Hydrating marine botanicals are important constituents in all our products in order to provide water-based skin care to our customers.”

A wide selection of beauty skin care products that are effective in natural healing of skin problems.

Diversified Range of Hair Products
H2O Plus is a leading provider of unique hair care products that tend to ensure effective cleansing of the scalp and add volume and shine to the hair. Marine-based shampoos, shampoos rich in milk constituents, marine and milk conditioner ensure wholesome care of the hair. According to the CEO of H2O, “Our intent is to provide a mixed bag of shampoos and other hair care products to make sure that our Indian buyers attain maximum satisfaction through the use of our products. We also frequently indulge in special offers with attractive discount packages to make our customers happy and contented.”

A well thought-out collection of hair products that tend to ensure complete nutritious care and providing beautiful hair enriched with essential minerals and vitamins.