***New Release*** "A Life You Want" by Vanessa E. Kelman

Vanessa E. Kelman's motivating self help book now on Amazon!

Online PR News – 23-August-2013 – East Hartford, Conn. – Vanessa E. Kelman's motivating self help book hits Amazon this month!

August, 2013 - Vanessa E. Kelman, author of the Fate Trilogy, sets her sights on nonfiction with her inspiring book "A Life You Want."

"We have two choices in life: to float along, possibly unhappy, or to take charge and really create a life we want. What do you choose?"

"A Life You Want" offers readers tips, suggestions, and motivation to tackle any life changes they want to make. Vanessa breaks down changes into five sections: Money, Career, Health, Relationships, and Making a Difference, and she includes specific help in each section, as well as general planning and motivation. No matter what readers are looking to change, they'll find help and guidance in "A Life You Want" and its coordinating blog, www.ALifeYouWant.com.

Vanessa graduated college in 2002 with a Bachelor's Degree in Communications. Since then she has worked at a daily newspaper, a television news network, and a variety of miscellaneous establishments that have nothing to do with writing. Her experiences in all areas of her life have been inspiration for her works, including her novels, nonfiction e-books, and websites. She lives in East Hartford, Conn., with her husband Kevin and their crazy-but-cute bulldog Oliver.

For more information, visit www.VanessaKelman.com.