Let Your Child Interact and Learn With ZooPAL:An Interactive iPad App

A new age personalized, interactive iPad App, where your child is the hero and the adventure changes each time you open the book! Your child solves a series of tasks to help Hati, Matty and their zoo animal friends retrieve a mysterious box and rescue a new animal.

Online PR News – 23-August-2013 – Philadelphia/Pennsylvania – A virtual book in the form of a new iPad App, that takes your child to a different world of adventure with its prompt, interactive and entertaining stories. Where adventure changes each time you open the book, and the story and the situation unfolds to impart critical insights to your child. ZooPAL is the name given to this App, it is themed around different characters located in a Zoo and your child, who plays a hero on every page and tries to solve a series of tasks for his friends and rescue other animals.

The App is developed with a vision to impart critical skills and help pre-schoolers understand the primary problem-solving aptitude. The inclination of the developers here is to keep your child constantly learning through his own experiences and choices he makes in the story. The adaptive algorithms tailor tasks to your child's learning trajectory every time he opens the book. With 160 different storyline possible, there's always a new world of experience and adventure that awaits your child. The App is suitable for Kids from 2 to 8 years of Age.

This App is equally fun for parents as the parent mode allows them to read with their child and receive tips to extend their child’s learning. It also enable Parents to create an account and learn about the child’s learning progress through an upcoming parent portal.

Technology and interactive media are here to stay and kids have shown greater gains in intelligence, structural knowledge and problem solving and language skills compared to those who do not use technology as they learn, that shows just how much creativity and added entertainment value can be put into an interactive book app.

ZooPAL is both easy and fun and gives kids a way to let parents know what's going on in their lives. ZooPAL is not just about letting kids solve problem but also sensitizes them about their fellow animal friends in the stories which is also crucial in the real world. This helps him to better understand and become analytically but morally good. You can download this App for free here http://bit.ly/16vuMUW