Competition Encourages Students To Enter Interpretations Of Peace To Support 'Peace One Day'

A UK based award winning online recognition and rewards program designed specifically for schools, has announced the launch of a competition which will see almost a million students provided with the chance to showcase their personal interpretations of peace.

Online PR News – 22-August-2013 – London – As a leading edge web based schools award program, 'Vivo' is continuing to show it's commitment to education and development by launching a unique competition in conjunction with the 'Peace One Day' 2013 campaign, who are a global non-profit founded and lead by documentary film maker Jeremy Gilley, who works tirelessly to institutionalise September 21st as a day of peace across the globe. This year is expected that over 600 million people will be aware of the day with the help of a live 24 hour YouTube broadcast on Peace Day.

The competition hosted by Vivo in support of 'Peace One Day's' educational resources, is inviting students to create an image to express their interpretation of the main theme – making peace. Entrants are being encouraged to explore their creative side fully to answer the question “what does peace look like to you?” Students can use any type of media they like, including writing, drawing, and photography to compete for the top prize of an Apple iPad and a personal Skype call from singer songwriter Eliza Doolitle. Five runners-up will also receive 'Peace One Day' goody bags.

"Every child deserves to feel safe and secure in school and we can all make a difference. If we continue to work together, by Peace Day 2013 we will reduce violence on a global scale" – Eliza Doolittle.

Vivo and the 'Peace One Day' 2013 campaign will be running the competition from the 1st - 17th September with the winner due to be announced on the 18th. To encourage as much participation as possible, entries can be submitted by a Facebook app, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #peaceoneday.

"This year we anticipate over 600,000 million people will be aware of Peace Day - of which it is believed 4% will act more peacefully. A global truce is not in the government’s hands. It’s in your hands. It’s in our hands. It in the students' hands.” - Founder of Peace One Day Jeremy Gilley

With over a million active users, the Vivo award platform has received accolades for its success in improving attendance, student engagement and commitment to learning within schools. Students can exchange Vivo Miles awarded by teachers, for a range of awards including sporting goods, mobile top-ups and Argos vouchers. More creative awards include skipping the lunch queue, and one school recently awarded their Vivos with the head teacher cartwheeling across assembly.

George Grima from Vivo stated “Peace starts with respect and respect starts with education. As founder of Vivo Miles I have been lucky enough to see the incredible work schools do across the country to teach young people the importance of tolerance and caring for others. With a constant stream of news on conflicts around the world it would be easy for young people to lose heart and give up on each other. Our surveys have shown this is far from the truth. Young people are optimistic, passionate about helping others and hold peace in the highest regard. To see what this looks like in nearly million images is inspiring! It has been an honour to support the peace one day campaign.”

Since launching, Vivo users have donated over 11,000,000 Vivo miles to charity causes, supporting the strong link between students, education and global awareness of charitable causes. For further information about the Vivo platform or the work carried out by the Peace One Day campaigns and coalitions, please visit the official websites at or