Hug-A-Bug Pest Control & Termite Prepares to Handle Swarm of Ants Invading Virginia Beach, VA

This summer marks a noticeable leap in the number of ants marching through residential properties, according to Hug-A-Bug Pest Control & Termite.

Online PR News – 21-August-2013 – Virginia Beach, VA – Homeowners throughout the Virginia Beach area are growing concerned with the sudden rise in ants throughout the area. The recent flux of rain has attracted a larger ant population, forcing ant colonies to find dry areas. For many ants, dry ground is found throughout any space in area homes and buildings.

The professional exterminators at Hug-A-Bug Pest Control & Termite are preparing to help homeowners control their ant population with comprehensive pest control in Virginia Beach. Technicians use eco-friendly aerosol insecticide to remove ant colonies, which kills ants but is safe to use around people.

Excess moisture from this year’s heavy rains plays a significant role in the ant invasion. Hug-A-Bug technicians extract excess moisture from buildings, preventing or removing mold and fungus that attract a flow of ant colonies. Technicians use dehumidifiers, vapor barriers, and sand to remove moisture and ensure that a structure is properly ventilated.

Carpenter ants are known to nest in walls, windows, doors, and foam throughout the hollows spaces in a house. Moisture decays these elements, softening their structure and making them more appealing to mass amounts of ants. Without treating the problem at its source, ant colonies can increase within a short time frame and develop satellite colonies throughout a home. Ant colonies that linger for years are likely to grow in population and damage the wood that supports a structure.

For more than 35 years, their exterminators have been educating homeowners about ant prevention and offering Virginia Beach pest control for both homes and businesses. Hug-A-Bug technicians say there are a few measures homeowners can take to protect their property, including trimming bushes and shrubs so they don’t touch the house. Bushes and shrubs work as passageways for ants to infiltrate the inside of your home.

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For 9 years, Hug-A-Bug Pest Control & Termite has been Virginia Beach’s local source for pest control and termite extermination. With 35 years of experience in the industry, their technicians are highly trained and knowledgeable about removing insects from residential and commercial properties.

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