Free Shipping of AlcoHawk Breathalyzer Available On Orders of $25 and Above

AlcoHawk breathalyzers provides free shipping to customers on purchase of breathalyzer for $25 and above.

Online PR News – 21-August-2013 – Chicago, IL – Alcohawk is the one stop online shop for breathalyzers; they now provide free shipping of device within continental USA on orders of $25 and above. They have the advanced sleek breathalyzer units that can be carried anywhere with much ease. These breathalyzers are not only compact but also comes with advanced features that allow you take accurate readings with much ease.

For the first timers it would be a tough task to choose a breathalyzers, however the expert sales executive will guide the customers to choose the right device and they can be reached at 888-399-1687. Personal Breathalyzer to advanced breathalyzers is available and each model has different applications like professional, evidential, or personal use.

There are two important things one needs to take into consideration while purchasing a breathalyzer, it must be certified by FDA 510k for personal or over the counter usage and for professional screening it must have got clearance from the Department of Transportation (DOT). AlcoHawk strives to provide quality products for the customers’ continuously; they ensure the customers receive the best in personal safety products along with quality control and customer service. The company is well known for its quality of service they offer and previously they have sold more than 500,000 breathalyzers.

Portable breathalyzers are available in digital models and this allows the user to view the output readings even in low light condition. For personal or home use AlcoHAWK Elite Slim Breathalyzer would be the right choice. It is sleek and compact in nature and it comes with mouth piece. These breathalyzers are DOT and FDA 510(k) certified and the device is pre-calibrated before shipping to customer.

Breath alcohol content tester calibration changes with time and so the device needs to be calibrated on regular intervals. Not to mention, calibration will not only help to take accurate readings but also prolongs the life of the device. Moreover calibration also helps to identify any defects in the unit and it can be fixed easily.

We sell different types of breath alcohol content tester to detect the level of alcohol content in the blood. You can know more about portable breathalyzers at