LinkDelight Released FOTGA Super Thin Fader Variable ND Filter

ND filter is to reduce the amount of light, thereby reducing the speed. Also they are one of a professional photographer’s many tricks. Photographers will be pleased to hear the news that LinkDelight has released FOTGA Super Thin Fader Variable ND Filter for ND2 to ND400.

Online PR News – 21-August-2013 – Shen Zhen – ND Filters are less appreciated by amateurs because unlike some filters, ND filters don’t provide dramatic effects like starbursts and multiple images. Rather, they simply dim the lights. An ND filter looks like a plain, grey piece of glass, which is essentially what it is.

The Fotga Fader ND Filter ( is adjustable from ND2, ND4, ND8… to ND400, Can be reduced up to about 9 amount of light entering the lens block. Infinitely, meet different shooting conditions. And with 67mm male thread/ 72mm female thread can be mounted to 67mm lens or attached to 72 mm additional filter. Its compact size for convenient to carry, ideal for famous photographers, film directors or other photography hobby. It is sold only $14.51 on LinkDelight.

The 67mm ND Filter can be made of ND2 turned to ND4 - ND8 to ND400 until the infinite gray level change. Encounter sunny or cloudy gray, neutral density filter for shooting improvement is obvious. It would have been used to reduce the light through the lens and avoid overexposed picture. Particularly in the landscape shooting, its usefulness will be very high.

In addition, Fotga Fader ND Filter can also be a lot of "resist" scattered light, when shooting in a cloudy day, rainy day environment, it can improve the color saturation of the picture, and scattering of light reduction can also make the picture looks more fully. However, the use of Variable ND2 to ND400 Filter will reduce the shutter speed 2 files, if the lighting conditions are relatively poor environment may result in blurred images.

“The ND2 to ND400 filter ( is not only professional lens choice, many consumer-level digital cameras can also add gray lens adapter ring, but also a lot of the user's choice. We have been updating our products to meet customer demand and satisfaction. Low price and high quality is we always insist on. Now go to buy and more surprise is waiting for you,” said Polo, manager of LinkDelight.

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