Denton Residents Can Cut Costs on Still-High Gas Prices With Bobby Gentry Muffler & Brakes

While Denton, Texas and the nearby areas may be seeing a slight decrease in the astronomical gas prices of summer, tight budgets lead a local automotive shop to offer unique ways for residents to reduce the amount of money spent on fuel.

Online PR News – 20-August-2013 – DENTON TX – In the midst of the summer, Denton, Texas residents saw almost record-breaking prices grace the signs of their gas stations. With unleaded gas costing about $3.57 towards the end of July, residents have since seen a slight decrease in the price of fuel. However, after months of fueling up at these high rates, individuals of the community are still suffering negative effects to their budgets. With this in mind, local Denton automotive shop Bobby Gentry Muffler & Brakes offers its customers a relatively inexpensive way to save on fuel for the years to come.

As their name would indicate Bobby Gentry Muffler & Brakes specializes in working on the exhaust and brake systems of many types of vehicles, ranging from import cars to domestic SUVs. While many vehicles may be suffering from problematic mufflers, it takes a true professional, with extensive exhaust system experience, to recognize and repair these common issues. With the help of Bobby Gentry Muffler & Brakes, Denton customers of this muffler service shop are seeing their gas mileage increase through minor improvements and repairs.

Included in their automotive services for Denton vehicles are additional repairs and maintenance that can aid in increasing the gas mileage of a vehicle, such as tire rotations. While these routine services are generally believed to be necessary in extending the lifespan of any vehicle, some may be finding themselves skipping this maintenance in the face of economic struggle. Yet Bobby Gentry Muffler & Brakes continues to encourage the Denton community that investing in this automotive work now will help save many in the long run, and this includes how often residents need to fill up on expensive gas.

Bobby Gentry Muffler & Brakes has over 30 years of experience in serving the automotive needs of Denton and the surrounding areas. By always offering quality work a fair pricing, they have continued to grow a positive reputation amongst their customers and the community.

About Bobby Gentry Muffler & Brakes: Located in Denton, Bobby Gentry Muffler & Brakes offers a wide range of automotive services to the residents of North Texas.

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