Detroit Based Website Copywriting Agency Announces August Re-Launch

Thunder Bay Media, a provider of digital marketing and content marketing since 2007, is announcing an August relaunch with a new service approach and a change in pricing.

Online PR News – 21-August-2013 – Detroit, MI – Thunder Bay Media, a digital shop providing content marketing and website copywriting, has re-launched its business with a new approach to its services. Geared specifically to small business customers in search of higher search engine rank, Thunder Bay Media aims to make these digital marketing services more affordable.

"Our original pricing structure and service offering catered more toward mid-size to large businesses which made it difficult to engage smaller business owners." Stated Derek Cromwell, principle at Thunder Bay Media. "In the wake of a growing emphasis on digital marketing, we want to work more closely with those small business owners to help them succeed. That's why we've lowered price points on many services."

According to Derek, Thunder Bay Media originally closed out its services in November of 2012 due to a full-time marketing obligation with nationwide REIT Sun Communities Inc. where Derek coordinated the print and digital marketing for Sun's portfolio of 34 nationwide resorts.

As of the re-launch, Thunder Bay Media will be providing all original services including website copywriting, article writing, press release writing, direct response copywriting, business blogging, marketing consultation, training and other professional writing services.

The new price points for these services represent as much as a 60% decrease in pricing, such as the reduction of website copywriting down to just $75 per page.

"Despite the reduction in prices, there will be no change in the quality of service and turnaround time. And our zero-outsource policy remains in effect. All content is handled in house and is never outsourced to other writers." Stated Derek. "This ensures the highest quality control and single point of contact for every single piece of content we produce for our small business clients."