Young consultants plunge into SME world

About how SMEs have given birth to new ideas and professions

Online PR News – 07-August-2009 – – Ashwin Srivastava, currently a final year student of IIT Bombay, is providing technical as well as business strategy consultancy to a leading medium enterprise in the Security & ERM Sector. At the age of 21, Ashwin is easily one of the youngest consultants in the world, and also one of the first SME Consultants in India.

Trends are changing and SMEs have suddenly become the toast of the business world, of which everyone wants a pie. This example is just a proof of the speculation that people believe SMEs are going to control the flow of the business world in future. Young entrepreneurs like Ashwin, who have expertise in both technical and marketing aspects of the business, aim to strike gold in this period of "downturn-turning-into-upturn".

Many more IPR-Consulting companies by young entrepreneurs have seen existence in the near past, this is another example of the above mindset India is witnessing.