The Offshore Powerboat Association and the Caribbean Offshore Powerboat Championship Series represent 26 Television Episodes made for a world wide television audience.


A 26 Episode “Made for Television” Offshore Powerboat Racing Series showcasing consistency, vigilance and attention to detail as teams strap into ‘jet fighter’ canopies, where boats weighing up to 5 tons are powered by 2,500 hp turbine and gas powered engines battle it out for the Caribbean and World Offshore Powerboat Championship Status.

The exhilarating and a breathtaking offshore spectacle brings together the latest in state-of-the-art powerboats and technology. A powerful and passionate display of skill and courage, create a theatre of excitement and drama for the crowds who flock in the thousands to watch offshore racing at its limit.

Syndicated internationally throughout North America, Caribbean and select European markets, network partners receive 26 ready to air programs. In the USA 75 million households, Canada and 19 Caribbean nations and select European television markets represent 120 million viewers per episode airing worldwide.

A professional multi-camera production crew captures the excitement of the American Offshore Powerboat Association schedule of events, the British Virgin Islands Poker Run, US Virgin Islands St. Thomas Carnival, Puerto Rico Invitational, Cayman Islands Million Dollar Run along with the Trinidad Great Race, recognized as the longest Atlantic Ocean offshore race in the world.

Filmed digitally, this high impact television series is produced to the international broadcast standards associated with ESPN. Iceman Productions, a leader in offshore television production and provides network partners with a ‘Ready to Air Regularly Scheduled’ television programming showcasing the sport and the lifestyle that goes with it...

A sport fuelled by adrenalin and a powerful and passionate display of skill and courage create a theatre of excitement and drama for the crowds who flock in the thousands to watch real racing at its limit. Iceman captures the excitement showcasing key helicopter and on-board camera footage combined with informative interviews and team profiles that take the viewer right into the cockpits.

Sponsor segments are showcased throughout the sereis that are informative and in-depth showcasing tthe latest in technology, boat design and detailed behind the scenes look at performance as the top race teams int he world battel it out for Offshore Supremecy.

Each episode of this exciting series holds the viewer steadfast with high impact footage showcasing the most powerful off-shore racing boats from the United States, Dubai,Canada and the Caribbean. Production sponsors are now being accepted, all sponsors are catagory exclusive and commercial inventory is avaialble upon request.

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