Deano's Landscaping & Excavating Announces OgoGrow and Topsoil Services for Summer in Kelowna

During the Summer months in Kelowna it is vital to have nutrient rich soil for plants to thrive in. Common solutions by Kelowna, BC residents for nutrient rich gardens are Topsoil and OgoGrow from Deano's Landscaping & Excavating.

Online PR News – 14-August-2013 – Kelowna, BC – Any gardening fanatics out there? The beauty of just seeing natural- or installed-landscape ornamental plants thrive and bloom is itself satisfying and rewarding. Nothing facilitates this more than keenly blended and balanced Topsoil. Basically, topsoil is the upper and outermost layer of the Earths soil; usually 5cm to 8cm. Topsoil has the highest concentration of microorganisms and organic matter, the most desired property for garden soil.

Topsoil is commonly used in landscaping to manage drainage, improve soil fertility, modify soil structure, improve surface infiltration as well as encourage more living microorganisms. Many types of topsoil are available i.e. blended, nutritious soil for vegetable and flower gardens or even Sandy-loam, best for drainage.

For residents of Kelowna, their topsoil solution is a product called OgoGrow, a mulch product that helps suppress weeds, improve soil nutrient content as well as soil structure. OgoGrow is a complex mixture of carefully selected organic matter that has been compost under controlled conditions. It is a compost of beneficial bacteria, actinomycetes, fungi and other microorganisms as well as some invertebrates that break down organic matter in the soil to release nutrients.

Other advantages of using OgoGrow is that it facilitates water retention, improves soil aeration and structure, reduces surface runoff and cuts down the need for regular irrigation. OgoGrow has also gone through a series of testing and is proven to be safe for the consumer, easy to use and delivers more than expected.

Deano's Landscaping & Excavating in Kelowna, BC manages all the aspects of screened topsoil and OgoGrow such as disease, pest and weed control, physical properties and nutrient/mineral content, both before and after screening. Here is some information about OgoGrow Premium Mulch from the Owner of Deano’s Landscaping & Excavating, Dean Nisbet;

“OgoGrow mulch is composed of woodchips half an inch and smaller and packed full of real fine microorganisms in it that will break down and add nutrients back to the soil. Deano’s Landscaping & Excavating delivers this mulch to the customer and lays down a thick enough blanket of it in the necessary flower beds to put back nutrients into the soil without creating a ripe breeding ground for weeds of all kinds which is a common problem homeowners encounter when taking on landscaping.”


For further information on Topsoil, OgoGrow or Landscaping in general, Deano’s can be contacted at (250) 548-3041 or by visiting

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