BioTrust IC-5: Reviews Examine Insulin Sensitivity Supplement

BioTrust IC-5 reviews are flooding the internet with rave reviews and promising weight loss effects. But does IC-5 really work and should one considering buying it?

Online PR News – 14-August-2013 – Medford, OR – BioTrust Nutrition introduces their latest weight loss product, BioTrust IC-5 Supplement. This is an advanced insulin support and carbohydrate management product that does away with the ‘no carb’ or ‘low carb’ types of diet for weight loss. It increases insulin sensitivity and helps the body process carbohydrates properly.

BioTrust IC-5 does three significant things. First, it helps increase sensitivity to insulin. Second, it supports healthy blood sugar levels and lastly, it helps turn consumed carbohydrates into muscles and not fat.

Many weight loss diets prohibit eating carbohydrate rich foods because for majority of people, their body turns it into fat instead of muscle energy. People have consumed so much processed carbohydrates during the course of their life that many have developed insulin resistance.

Insulin is the hormone that helps regulate blood sugar levels in the body and helps turn blood sugar into muscle energy. However, because most people have developed insulin resistance, the body is unable to regulate the blood sugar levels in the blood stream. For some people, this can result to type II diabetes.

BioTrust Nutrition believes that our body needs carbohydrates. It is not right to completely stay away from it. But a person who has developed insulin sensitivity may need help in order to maintain a healthy level of insulin and help manage carbohydrates effectively. BioTrust IC-5 is the answer for people who still want to eat their carbs, and help their body process it properly.

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How does BioTrust IC-5 help with weight loss? By taking two capsules of this product before consuming a high carb meal, one can supercharge their insulin sensitivity. This means that the food consumed will be processed accordingly by the body so it is easier to enjoy carbohydrate-rich foods guilt-free. The five unique ingredients contained in the product is the secret to this highly effective weight loss product.

BioTrust IC-5 contains five specially blended ingredients: Cinnamomum Burmannii, Berberine, Pterocarpus Marsupium, 4-hydroxyisoleucine, and R-Alpha-Lipoic Acid. The first one, Cinnamomum Burmannii, is an extract from cinnamon bark is highly effective in blood sugar management. The second one, Berberine, is a rare plank alkaloid, improves signals between insulin and its receptors. This third one is Pterocarpus Marsupium, a drug used for diabetes treatment that helps reduce blood sugar levels fast. The fourth ingredient is 4-hydroxyisoleucine, an extract from Fenugreek herb that helps increase glycogen storage but reduce fat storage. Lastly, the R-Alpha-Lipoic-Acid, is known to increase a person’s insulin sensitivity by as high as 25% percent in just 4 weeks.

Other ingredients of this product include vegetable cellulose, microcrystalline cellulose and vegetable stearate. Anyone who still wants to enjoy their carbs but at the same time want to lose weight should start consuming BioTrust IC-5. The science behind the development of this product can be read in the BioTrust official website. It is backed up by scientific research and consulted with respected medical doctors, nutritionists, chemists and fitness experts. The product has been through extensive testing and approval process by industry leaders and testing centers.

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Each bottle of BioTrust IC-5 contains 120 Veggie capsules. Two capsules should be taken at least 15 minutes before consuming meals that is rich in carbohydrates. This product can be bought in the BioTrust official website. Each purchase of this product comes with a free copy of recipes for 53 fat-burning milkshakes and smoothies that can further enhance muscle build-up and weight loss.

BioTrust products are developed by health enthusiast Joel Marion and nutritionist Josh Bezoni. Together, they have founded BioTrust Nutrition which offers various health supplements ideal for weight loss. The company is based in Austin, Texas. BioTrust recognizes that every person’s bodily needs are different. Each supplement addresses a person’s body weakness that makes it difficult for them to lose weight. There are products that address hormone problems, muscle enhancers, combats food intolerance, promotes bowel regularity, resolves intestinal problems and addresses insulin insensitivity.

BioTrust IC-5 is a highly effective product with its quality guaranteed by an FDA-registered laboratory that ensures its potency and purity. Thus, the product ensures 100 percent customer satisfaction; otherwise, there is a 1 year money back guarantee. But as with any weight loss supplement, it is always advised to consult with a medical doctor before taking any kind of supplement for weight loss.

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