Future Market and opportunities of feed grade methionine in China

CCM International has released a new market research report “Future Market and opportunities of feed grade methionine in China”

Online PR News – 14-June-2010 – – “China, as one of the greatest consumption countries in feed grade methionine, though, has no domestic methionine manufactures yet, and the market is stuffed with overseas productions. Nowadays, four international companies monopolize the production and technology in the world, furthermore, the price is also defined by these giants. However, in recent two years, the efforts of the locals gave a glitter sight for Chinese feed grade methionine industry.“

Updated and released in May 2010, three methionine projects were launched, and it’s estimated that one of them will start to release their productions to the domestic market. Who will have the initial trial? And what is the influence for China market? Apart from such change, the consumption pattern was also little different from previous years’. What’s the change? How could you find the opportunities? Answers are available in our report.…

The market report, penetrating into China’s changing methionine market, will present you the profound and comprehensive industrial dynamics. Production, R&D, pricing, export situation, trade flow, consumption/demand, key players’ competitiveness and production cost, international collaboration etc are being covered.

The highlights could be found in our report:

> Domestic key player’s dynamics, such as production, sales, etc.
> The bottleneck and breakthrough for the domestic technologies.
> Future forecast on China’s feed grade methionine industry
> The preferential policies or regulations for industrial development.
> Trace the methionine application pattern and the influence for market.
> The import analysis, especially keep focus on feedback of domestic production be released.
> Future investment opportunities, especially for foreign investors.

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