On Hold Messaging Association Election Press Release17

Equal Strategy CEO Simon Faure-Field elected to The On Hold Messaging Association Board of Directors

Online PR News – 14-June-2010 – – Atlanta, GA 14th June 2010 – Equal Strategy CEO Simon Faure-Field, has been newly elected onto the Board of Directors for 2010-2011.

The On Hold Messaging Association (OHMA) is an international organisation composed of audio marketing agencies who are dedicated in expanding awareness of the On Hold Messaging industry.

The tenth annual OHMA conference was held at the Westin San Diego this year, electing a new board of directors to include Allen Gaughf, Chairman, Vince Koegle, Vice-Chairman, Pete Turpel, Ex Officio Chair, Mitch Keller, Andy Hedberg, Justin Ginsberg, Jerry Brown, Nick Findlay and Equal Strategy’s CEO, Simon Faure-Field.

In addition to the election, the conference promoted creative and marketing strategies as well as the winners of the industry’s MARCE (Marketing and Creative Excellence) awards. The 2011 conference will be held in St. Louis, MO.

Equal Strategy’s CEO Simon Faure-Field quotes “I am delighted to be elected to the board of directors, which further drives my commitment in sharing with clients in Asia “on hold messaging” and “messages on hold” best practices and the latest sensory branding techniques”.

This year’s focus is to encourage qualified on hold messaging and messages on hold companies to join OHMA, to strengthen the industry, and also by creating awareness of the importance of marketing on hold. OHMA promotes ethical and professional business practices and helps independent On Hold Messaging agencies develop their business. Member agencies and client relationships are also enhanced through education, self-regulation, service and support excellence.

Businesses often use messages on hold as a way to inform callers of their company’s offerings, services and promotions. Messages on hold is also referred to as on hold marketing.

Equal Strategy has taken the messages on hold concept and incorporated brand and customer experience research and methodologies to create an experience that is reflective of the brand tone and feel, with interlaced messages spoken by TV and radio presenters from over 55 studios globally.

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About Equal Strategy

Equal Strategy delivers “music”, “fragrance” and “recorded telephone messages on hold” to businesses in a scientific way that enhances the overall customer experience of the brand and causes the customer to stay longer and buy more! Equal Strategy is the only company in Asia that specialises in deploying “music” and “fragrance” solutions to business where the two senses are stimulated in synergy with each other.

Sound and smell deliver stimuli directly to the memory centres of the brain, influencing behaviour and creating suggestion at both the conscious and unconscious levels. Decades of behavioural research into the habits of consumers has found that “consumer arousal” can be either stimulated or suppressed through the use of mood settings like music and fragrance.

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