New Membership Plan Pays You Cash Directly If You Become Unemployed.

In November of 2008, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that the national unemployment rate was at its highest level since 1994. Many experts believe that it will get much worse before it gets better, according to the market analyzers of

Online PR News – 07-March-2009 – – Tampa, March 2009 - “mortgage income protection insurance is a growing line of insurance that is becoming more beneficial in today’s economic climate. To protect yourself from a layoff or loss of your job, you should consider the practicality of mortgage protection insurance. With the declining economic conditions, it is the right time to protect your assets with the help of mortgage unemployment protection insurance”, says Mr. Joel Ohman of

Speaking about the qualifications for mortgage unemployment protection insurance, Mr. Joel Ohman said, “The standards for qualification for Mortgage income protection insurance are straight forward.""Some of the general standards you will need to meet in order to qualify for Mortgage income protection insurance are that you should be in good health (for disability protection insurance) and currently employed in a full time capacity (for unemployment program).”

He added that, “Seasonal and part-time employees generally will not qualify for income protection coverage due to the instability of their employment. Unemployment must come as no fault of your own, but there can be various reasons for your unemployment.""Many companies will allow you to add short-term disability coverage to your policy for an additional premium. For disability coverage you will not normally be required to undergo a physical, though your claim will not be paid if it is determined that you purposely hid a medical condition when applying for mortgage unemployment protection insurance.”

Speaking on protecting your paycheck, Mr. Joel Ohman said, “Once you have your mortgage unemployment protection insurance, you will want to understand the factors that allow you to collect on a claim. To claim a Mortgage income protection insurance, you should not be terminated due to fault of your own and you must be unemployed for at least 30 days.""Our program is a supplement to government sponsored programs. You can collect cash from our program while still collecting unemployment from your state."

About is committed to helping you do all that you can do to plan for your future and safeguard against the often devastating consequences of losing a job. Develop an action plan to keep you, your family, and your finances secure if you should become suddenly unemployed. Don’t put it off - get started today!

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