New Service Helps Future Retirees to "Navigate the Social Security Maze"

Kiner & Associates CPAs of Cincinnati, Ohio is looking to help soon-to-be-retired individuals who are overwhelmed by the paperwork and rules associated with filing for Social Security retirement benefits. Their new 'Social Security Benefits Analysis' is designed to guide clients towards making the best financial decisions when filing for benefits and to answer the many questions relating to all Social Security benefits.

Online PR News – 14-June-2010 – – Social Security has long been a staple of American retirement, but after decades of amendments and law changes the process for filing now includes some fairly significant fiscal considerations. Unfortunately many people do not understand the different options they have when filing and this can cost them a percentage of their future benefits.

"As an accountant I am often asked by clients how much they will receive in Social Security benefits and if future earning will reduce benefits," said Marc Kiner, who started Kiner & Associates in 2003. "What I've found is that most clients do not understand how Social Security works and what steps need to be taken to maximize benefits."

While local Social Security offices do offer assistance, there are some aspects that often warrant further consultation. For example, applicants who have unique circumstances like divorce, widowed or dependent considerations may be better served with advice from an impartial third-party. This also holds true for those who are undecided about at what age to retire or whose account to base their benefits on (self or spouse).

Overall, a Social Security Benefits Analysis from Kiner & Associates serves two primary purposes. It gives clients instant access to answers they may spend hours or even days waiting for from the Social Security office. It also provides consultation from a financial perspective to insure the client receives maximum benefits by filing under the most appropriate classifications. The firm has hired a 35 year veteran from the Social Security Administration to provide Social Security services.