’s Renewed Safety Awareness Leads to Employee Training and Plan

The creation of the new safety plan and employee training program was motivated by an awareness that we needed to update our policies, procedures regarding fire, choking, falls, first aid, and infection control.

Online PR News – 14-June-2010 – –’s management saw the error of our ways when we found our fire extinguisher buried under a book pile. The result? We put together a dandy employee safety training program and updated all our policies and procedures. Fire, falls, infection control, and basic first aid are all covered, as well as CPR and the Heimlich Maneuver for choking or other breathing or cardiac events. We are set to prevent most emergencies, and deal with them calmly and with best practices, should they occur. We have also committed to yearly refreshers.’s all-important writers are much safer as a consequence, which is exceedingly reassuring. After all, our writers are our most mission-critical asset! How could we competently handle all the wide variety of editing, writing, and research projects we currently address, if they were affected?

On-the-job safety is an issue we associate with factory floors or workshops, not a custom writing firm, but realizes that our risk from fire is just as real as in any other business. We were alerted to our need to be just a bit more formal about safety when we located our missing fire extinguisher under a small mountain of thesauri and other reference works from the pre-digital era.

We hasten to assure our readers, the fire extinguisher is now mounted properly, and has implemented a new safety training program and plan. We have designated fire stewards to direct employees to evacuation routes, a schedule of fire drills, and a head count. To forestall fires, we now have rules storing inflammable chemicals, for avoiding electrical overload, as well as for smoking (long-standing). went a step further, and trained the staff in CPR and the Heimlich Maneuver. Granted, choking and heart attack are rare occurrences, but will now be prepared. We wrote a policy on keeping the walkways clear of tripping hazards, and are actively looking at safety in all aspects of the office, such as lighting, and railings on the stairs. We plan to update safety planning and training at least annually. employees are key to this ongoing process, as they are our most valuable asset, and the ones who will make our safety plans work.
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