New Book Reveals Real Reasons Why Hacking Continues to be a Problem

Author Mister Reiner explains why organizations are losing the never-ending battle against hackers in cyberspace.

Online PR News – 13-June-2010 – – Unlike what most people are led to believe, the hacking problem is not just about hackers and security vulnerabilities. Get an insider’s perspective on computer security and hacking, to learn the real reasons why hackers have an advantage over their security counterparts. Can the world ever be free of hackers given today’s technology? The answer to this question may surprise you.

OWNED: Why hacking continues to be a problem (Smashwords, May 2010, 89 pp., $9.99, ISBN 9781452362205), provides readers with a different perspective on computer security and hacking, by intermixing both subjects and explaining how and why hackers are able break into secured networks and computers. This book is for anyone using a computer – not just computer security professionals. Information is presented in a simple and concise manner, building readers’ knowledge as they progress through the book.

Readers will learn about:

- Computer security and hacking basics
- Why hackers are so successful at breaking into computers
- The five different types of hackers
- Advanced hacker techniques
- How Trojans operate and hide on computers
- Why computer security personnel do not detect hackers

The world is facing an ever growing computer security crisis and the situation will not improve until everyone understands the real reasons why hacking continues to be a problem.

Available in many ebook formats at ( and in iBooks for the iPad.

About the Author
Mister Reiner is a computer professional with over 20 years of experience and a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. He has been focusing on computer security since 2001 by doing extensive research on computer and network forensics, studying security vulnerabilities and hacker exploits, scrutinizing security products, performing risk assessments, and analyzing stories about hackers in the media.