Outsourcing Your Web Development can Result in Your Identity Being Stolen

According to Peter Crisafi, Vice President of dzine it, Inc., a leading Manhattan website development firm, providing design and development services to clients across the globe, discusses the risks associated with outsourcing your web development projects.

Online PR News – 06-August-2009 – New York, New York – When Peter Crisafi, Vice President of dzine it, Inc., a website development and visual communications firm located in New York City, logged onto www.vbkcomputers.com, he was dumbfounded, to say the least.

“I could not believe my eyes,” said Crisafi. “Here I was looking at our company’s website. I was astonished.”

He wasn’t really looking at his company’s website, but he was looking at a near carbon copy. From the colors and graphics to the layout and functionality, it quickly became apparent to Crisafi and his staff of professional web development experts that someone had stolen their website design.

“It was disappointing, to say the least,” says Crisafi. “Our staff has put in countless hours developing, redesigning, and continuously expanding our website, which we built from scratch, and to have someone brazenly steal your work is like getting kicked in the teeth.”

According to Crisafi, Internet piracy is not limited to the theft of copyrighted materials such as songs, movies, and software, but it includes the piracy of website designs, graphics, content, and even search engine optimization threads. Typically, such piracy occurs abroad where so-called website designers, developers, and search engine optimization experts offer rock-bottom prices because the truth is, many are stealing the property of legitimate designers.

“This is why at dzine it we never outsource our work to foreign countries, because it puts our clients at risk,” says Crisafi. “Although the computer retailer that has our design is likely unaware that it was stolen, we are going to everything in our power to stop them from using our design. As a result, their business will likely suffer and we have too much respect for our clients to put them in that sort of danger.”

The real loser, however, is the individual whose material has been stolen, particularly when it comes to their search engine ranking. Major search engines actually look for duplicate content, both on the front and back end of websites. When they find duplicate content, they penalize the sites as trying to “trick” the system for better search engine ranking.

Yet it’s not just the web design companies, like www.eflash.in, the company who took credit for the pirated dzine it site, that are at fault, says Crisafi. Using hosting firms that are located overseas can also be detrimental to your site as well. Most hosting firms located in the United States have strict rules about hosting pirated websites. Not www.atjeu.com They don't mind and back the stolen websites and content 100%. Companies like Some News Distribution Services and SEO writers. Cayman Mama who's writers take articles changes them around a little resells them as original. These are sketchy unprofessional companies. Putting anything in their hands can be dangerous.

“Be sure to have your site designed and developed here in the United States,” says Crisafi, “and don’t be afraid to ask your United States web development firm to give you assurances, in writing, that they will not outsource your project. It is for your own protection and for the protection of your business.”

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