Mujiba Salaam Parker Makes Plans To Be The Next Mayor of Camden, NJ

Motivational speaker Mujiba Salaam Parker is a strong candidate to become the next Mayor of Camden, NJ, one of the poorest cities in the country.

Online PR News – 07-March-2009 – – CAMDEN, NJ -- Camden, New Jersey mayoral candidate Mujiba Salaam Parker recently announced that her commitment to the well being of the city is positioning her as a strong contender in the upcoming Camden election. For more than 10 years, Parker has had a vested interest in revitalizing the City of Camden. Through her work with the Camden Empowerment Zone Corporation in 1998, Parker successfully managed housing and economic development financing programs. In 2003, she began working with the Economic Recovery Board for Camden, providing financing for various community development projects.

A long time resident of Camden, Parker purchased her first home in the city in 1999 and has been a homeowner for the past decade. After relocating to Camden, Parker began to strengthen her relationship with God, and she discovered her passion for motivating people to succeed in life. This development led Parker to write a motivational book, and start a motivational business, (

When the business was four years old, Parker made a commitment to work on it full-time beginning in December of 2008. During this transition, she also decided to run for the mayoral office for the City of Camden to obtain a leadership role in helping to empower Camden residents and continue redevelopment activities in the City.

"My goal as Mayor of Camden is to use my educational, professional, and motivational backgrounds to help residents become aware of advancement. I want to bring hope and empowerment to Camden, which is desperately needed for one of the poorest cities in the country," says Parker (

Parker has chosen to be an independent candidate for Camden Mayor and will be on the voting ballot of the general election in November 2009. As part of her campaign platform, Parker plans to minimize the need for State support; increase tax ratables; ensure all City services are administered efficiently; motivate residents to obtain job training; reduce crime through recommending legal business opportunities; promote resources to Camden residents, businesses, and nonprofits; and encourage homeowners to rehabilitate housing units.

"Although Camden is often overlooked for its poverty, I believe that through positive actions the City can be transformed into a vibrant and upbeat destination for all residents to enjoy," says Parker.

About Mujiba Salaam Parker: A resident of Camden for more than a decade, Mujiba Salaam Parker ( is committed to helping the City of Camden transform from a poverty stricken area into a desirable and upbeat place for all residents to enjoy. Parker's background in motivational speaking has helped guide her in her grassroots campaign to be the next Mayor of Camden. As Camden Mayor, Parker has plans to minimize the need for state support as well as reducing crime through the recommendation of legal business opportunities.

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