PECB signs a partnership agreement with CIMA

PECB will serve as a certification authority for CIMAā€™s Leadership in Information Security Managementā„¢ professional certification.

Online PR News – 09-August-2013 – Montreal, QC, CANADA (August 9th, 2013) – PECB is proud to announce that it has signed a partnership agreement with US-based CIMA to administer the Leadership in Information Security Management (LISM) professional certification. This partnership will increase PECBā€™s range of certification and at the same time allow CIMA to offer its certification through an internationally recognized certification body and through our globally dispersed network of partners.

ā€œWe are very excited to take our cooperation with CIMA at a higher levelā€ said Eric Lachapelle CEO of PECB. ā€œConsidering the fact that CIMA is known for the high quality of its services and professionalism this agreement is a continuation of our professional cooperationā€. Under this agreement PECB will serve as a certification authority for CIMAā€™s Leadership in Information Security Managementā„¢ professional certification. It will also enable us to meet customer demands for quality education in regard to information security in USā€.

The President CEO of CIMA, Timothy Phillips offered ā€œThe strategic partnership with PECB is a monumental step in establishing a creditable, and the first ever information security program based leadership certification. Combining the expertise of both organizations will allow us to focus on our core expertise and accelerate the rollout of the certification to the information security leadership community. Establishing a baseline knowledge, measurement and validation for information security leaders to lead an information security program across the globe is long overdue, and its time has comeā€.

The initial rollout of training of the LISM certification will focus on 28 major metropolitan areas across North America in conjunction with CIMAā€™s Information Security Leadership Forum, beginning in September 2013. In 2014 and beyond, this program will be made available in other major metropolitan areas globally. The foundational training designed to support the certification, will be offered in four, two-day sessions delivered on a quarterly basis. Participants will be required to attend training, complete practical exercises during the training sessions, complete practical work assignments in the work place and undergo peer review after the training sessions, and successfully complete the written exam requirements.

Under the terms of the agreement, CIMA will be able to focus its efforts on the development, maintenance and delivery of the training. PECB, whose core expertise rests as a certification authority, will be administering the certification which includes development and oversight of examinations, certification applications and subsequent validation, bringing independence and strong creditability to the LISM certification.

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The Center for Information Management and Assurance (CIMA) is a Miami, Florida based business Services Company offering management consulting and training services to its clientele globally. CIMA offers a unique approach through a consistent strategic focus on information management. Training services are offered through instructor lead live onsite seminars, as well as live online.
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