G10 Proud To Announce Internal Promotion

G10 discuss Ross Mc Mahon, the company's newest Campaign Manager.

Online PR News – 09-August-2013 – Glasgow, UK – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

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G10 Proud To Announce Internal Promotion

GLASGOW, UK, August 2013 – G10 proudly announced today that they will be promoting Ross Mc Mahon on Monday August 12th 2013.

Mc Mahon started on the G10 Management Program in June of 2012. After 14 months and a lot of hard work and determination he has made his way through the program to Campaign Manager. Using his leadership and communication skills, Mc Mahon has mastered the sales techniques, marketing strategies, recruitment systems and he has built and led a very successful team within the company. Supervising the company’s Snow Factor campaign, Mc Mahon has also been clearing a very impressive £2k in personal earnings under G10’s uncapped, performance pay structure.

Before starting with G10, Mc Mahon was a construction worker but at a time when the industry was one of the worst affected by the recession he was unfortunately laid off. Going from a construction job to wearing a suit everyday was a big leap but his versatility allowed him to climb the ladder at record speeds. Mc Mahon just got back from a fortnight at Disneyworld Florida with his family and has recently made the move from a local council scheme to Bishopbriggs, an affluent commuter suburb. “Everything I do is for my wife and my son, I am so thankful for this opportunity to provide for them,” commented Mc Mahon.

The new Campaign Manager role means that Mc Mahon will take full responsibility of his client and he will be running his own P&L. The role will be similar to what he has been doing as he was in hands-on training for the promotion, taking on a lot of the responsibility early. The campaign will continue to function and succeed with Mc Mahon stepping up and being put officially in charge.

G10 would like to publically congratulate Mc Mahon and express their appreciation for all the work he has done over the past 14 months. They welcome everyone in the organisation to congratulate Mc Mahon and honour the promotion by attending the ceremony at 21 Blythswood Square on Monday.

For additional information, contact a member of the G10 administration team at nyomi@g10glasgow.co.uk

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