ObamaCare: Dr. Michael Savitt Comments On Why The Acting IRS Chief Doesn't Want It For Himself

Chicago ophthalmologist Dr. Michael Savitt describes 4 ways in which the new healthcare laws will affect patient's relationships with their doctors.

Online PR News – 09-August-2013 – Chicago, IL – Chicago, IL - "Why would the acting head of the IRS, the very agency which will be charged with enforcing the government healthcare mandate be so reluctant to participate himself?" asks Dr. Michael Savitt, a Chicago ophthalmologist and Glaucoma specialist.

"The head of the agency tasked with enforcing ObamaCare said Thursday that he'd rather not get his own health insurance from the system created by the health care overhaul. "I would prefer to stay with the current policy that I'm pleased with rather than go through a change if I don't need to go through that change," said acting IRS chief Danny Werfel, during a House Ways and Means Committee hearing." - Fox News, Aug. . 201.

Dr. Savitt says there are 4 ways in which the Affordable Care Act will affect the doctor-patient relationship:

1. Your physician and his practice will join larger and larger groups and will be required to abide by corporate rules regarding the care he or she provides. He or she will be much less likely to provide individualized care.

. Your doctor will no longer accept Medicare or charge a fee over and above what your insurance company reimburses him or her.

3. Each of your visits will become shorter and the waiting time to see him or her will increase as the number of insured patients increases and as your physician tries to make up the loss of revenue from decreasing reimbursements by increasing volume.

4. It will become more common for physicians to be replaced by ancillary personnel such as nurse practitioners and physician assistants. You will likely only see a physician for more complicated problems, says Dr. Savitt.

"Although patients have been promised that if they like their doctor they will be able to keep him, that is becoming increasingly less likely," says Dr. Savitt. "The special relationship between doctor and patient is even less likely to stay the same."

Michael L. Savitt, MD is a board certified ophthalmologist in private practice and an Associate Clinical Professor
at Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, IL

Dr. Savitt is a Board certified member and Fellow of the American Academy of Ophthalmology as well as a member of the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology. He was recently elected President of the Chicago Glaucoma Society by his peers. He has published extensively regarding his clinical research in the management of glaucoma.