PODS® Celebrate National Garage Sale Day, Aug. 10

Moving and storage company offers tips for selling success

Online PR News – 09-August-2013 – CLEARWATER, Fla.– Aug. 08, 2013 – Summer is here and what better time than now to de-clutter the garage and home. With National Garage Sale Day being Saturday, Aug. 10, PODS Enterprises Inc., a national leader in the moving and storage industry, is offering residents helpful tips in preparing them to sell unwanted belongings and become organized.

In preparation for National Garage Sale Day, the built up items that have been hidden in the garage and closets has become a huge mess. PODS has the ultimate solution for items that don’t need to be sold by renting a PODS® container to store items safely and securely. PODS containers also come in various sizes to store all treasured goods.
1. Before you start moving things around, make a plan to strategize how to reduce the number of items stored in the garage. Divide the garage into zones: Storage Zone, Charity Zone, Garage Sale Zone and Trash Zone. Relocate zoned items to a PODS container while you de-clutter and focus on the items to sell on National Garage Sale Day.
2. Work at your own pace. The garage did not become cluttered all in one day, so do not expect reorganization to take place in a single day either. PODS containers have enough storage space to store items for as long as needed. Get garage sale items ready to sell and worry about all the rest later.
3. Be ruthless. Remember that the point of emptying out the garage isn’t just to put it all back in. If you can’t park in your garage, you know that there are items that can have a new home. You must be ruthless when choosing what to keep versus what to donate or sell or your car will be forever banished to the outdoors.
4. Once the garage is organized, maintaining it should be a family affair. Set some ground rules, such as keeping the parking area free from clutter. Sporting equipment and tools in their rightful place will help to keep huge areas in your garage free from chaos.
5. Take advantage of the drawers and storage space you already have. Make things easy to find so you don’t have to scramble through the drawers. Drawers and cabinets can help keep your home jumble free, as long as you keep them organized.
“National Garage Sale Day is an exciting day for neighborhoods to come together to sell unwanted items and PODS is the perfect solution to help residents reorganize,” said Casey Barile, brand manager for PODS Enterprises, Inc. “We look forward to serving communities with our PODS containers so that residents have enough space to store their belongings and have a successful garage sale.”
For more information about renting a PODS container, visit www.pods.com .
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