GoDaddy Introduces City-Based Domains, Launching the Campaign with Los Angeles’ .LA Suffix

Los Angeles claims the title of first city with an established web extension, .la, to represent businesses in Southern California’s localized, regional area.

Online PR News – 09-August-2013 – Los Angeles, CA – GoDaddy vastly changes the way the World Wide Web functions through the creation of new web suffixes and domain names. Currently, the .com extension dominates and trends URLs, flooding viewer’s computers with worldwide results. As the internet vastly expands to include all existing and newly developed businesses, users are quickly overwhelmed with .com search results.

Beginning Monday July 5, 2013, GoDaddy, one of the largest domain registrars in the United States, historically changed the internet as users know it to exist. Rather than searching for businesses, restaurants, hotels, and virtually every service and product available to the public market, on a global scale, GoDaddy redesigns the search tools for businesses. By creating localized domain names categorized by largely populated cities, GoDaddy launches a new internet. Beginning with Los Angeles, people and potential customers searching for companies identify businesses located in the City of Angeles before even visiting websites or understanding services offered. Business is reinforced regionally, with people located in largely populated cities able to filter results simply by their city.

According to resources at the Huffington post, in an article entitled, “.LA Extension Offers Los Angeles Businesses the Chance to Localize Their Domain Name,” writers collaborate to suggest that “For now, GoDaddy is forecasting that the entertainment industry will be an especially hot market for the .la extension.” In a competitors market, entities cater their business to those now on a local scale, delivering products and services to customers who want exactly that.

The URLs now become an extension of the keywords, the searchable terms people use to discover exactly what they need in other businesses. The new .LA represents a Top Level Domains or TLDs, a domain name that holds more weight in terms of searchable results. Although .la propels the new form of regional domain names, other metropolitan cities are already lined up for the releases of their suffixes including New York City (.nyc), Paris (.paris), Miami (.miami), and Berlin (.berlin). GoDaddy discusses releasing such domains beginning in 2014, after the successful introduction of .la.

The .la suffix, however, will not replace .coms as world wide websites, which still holds weight on a national and global scale. Technology constantly adapts to help clients, giving people exactly what they ask for and, in this instance, exactly what they search for.

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